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  1. Name: 62' B61 Date Added: 05 September 2012 - 08:25 PM Owner: rainierwatts View Item
  2. looking for the left and right mirror brackets for a B-61LT thanks
  3. Its a factory install on my B61LT. I will have to take it a part and look at it one more time, and look at the springs and valves thanks Dan
  4. dose anyone know if there is a place to get a rebuild kit for my hydraulic drag link. i tried new o-rings but it is just not right. has anybody had luck geting theres sealed up. any help would be great thanks dan
  5. Thought that I might post some photos of my project, 62' B61LT I give up I have no idea what I am doing on this thing
  6. I am redoing my B-61 and was hoping that someone knows if somebody makes new ones or if someother truck has the same tanks, that will fit. I have the steel step tanks now. I dont think that thay can be fixed. thanks Dan
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