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  1. On 9/14/2018 at 3:08 PM, Jack Innes said:

    I have been working on the 27 AC most of the summer & now the engine is free, new valves installed & running well.  The clutch is freed up & adjusted.  It now has a 12 volt starter that came from a Cat Diesel & a John Deere ring gear - that also works well. The cab has all new panels & is permanently assembled & mounted firmly as original.     The rad is reconditioned & mounted- no leaks (so far).

    Today was encouraging in that the truck moved under its own power for the first time in at least 50 years!

    Today was also the first run with the new exhaust system -   I now know I need manifold gaskets any idea where to find them?

    I have an embarrassing question-  Where is reverse???   I have 4 speeds forward but cannot find reverse.

    I still need fenders, name plates & a rad cap plus many small parts.


    Thank you for any suggestions,








    Can you provide some information on the CAT starter and Deere ring gear part numbers and how they fit up ? 

  2. Yup will be making a new set of fenders as mine have been hacked beyond repair. Just thought I’d check here first if anyone had remains from a previous donor vehicle  

    Sent you a direct msg w email to send pic of your hood to see if it’s in better shape than mine. 


  3. I have a '22 MACK AC.

    The Engines are 50 hp, 4 cylinder, Gas engines with a magneto ignition system. They were produced by International Motors - who took on the MACK name in the mid 20'. The Cylinders are cast in pairs and have a Bore of 5" with a stroke of 6".

    In the front view the left of the picture is the water pump and the right is the mag. This one is hand cranked, but has a small generator on it.

    The side view shows the 2 double cylinder castings sitting on the aluminum block.

    I don't have this one running just yet, but will soon.

    Hopefully the pictures loaded correctly.

    PDG X

    1922 MACK AC

    1917 Ford TT w/ Holmes 285 Wrecker




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