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  1. Yup will be making a new set of fenders as mine have been hacked beyond repair. Just thought I’d check here first if anyone had remains from a previous donor vehicle  

    Sent you a direct msg w email to send pic of your hood to see if it’s in better shape than mine. 


  2. I have a '22 MACK AC.

    The Engines are 50 hp, 4 cylinder, Gas engines with a magneto ignition system. They were produced by International Motors - who took on the MACK name in the mid 20'. The Cylinders are cast in pairs and have a Bore of 5" with a stroke of 6".

    In the front view the left of the picture is the water pump and the right is the mag. This one is hand cranked, but has a small generator on it.

    The side view shows the 2 double cylinder castings sitting on the aluminum block.

    I don't have this one running just yet, but will soon.

    Hopefully the pictures loaded correctly.

    PDG X

    1922 MACK AC

    1917 Ford TT w/ Holmes 285 Wrecker




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