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  1. Pat - Still trying to reach you on those plates. Let me know. Thx
  2. Yes, both doors use the same latch and spring. I need 1, if you have a spare. thx
  3. I sent you a PM - or attach pics of plates and emblem you have. thx
  4. Got it ! Thank you very much. Let me know what you decide over the weekend.
  5. Good info. There’s a lot of interesting engineering on this truck for the vintage. The drive side bearing is definitely ovaled from the force. Any luck finding the print ? Sounds like You have some engineering history. What do you think about drilling out the broken end and adding a boss to engage the cover bearing ?
  6. There’s a bronze bearing in the cover for it to ride in, and the parts manual shows a tip beyond the nut. The pipe plug appears to be access to push the bearing out.
  7. Would greatly appreciate it. Yes the impeller looks good, just needs to be deburred as it was rubbing the housing since it wobbled without support on the cover end. Don’t understand how the tip disappeared, but it had to be reassembled without it, as there was no debris or destruction from it disintegrating inside. Thanks.
  8. With the Museum archive still shut down, I’m getting desperate for prints (January) for an (‘22) AC water pump - model 1100. The impeller shaft is missing about 1/2” in length (how?) and I need to know the specs for it, and the 2 bearings to rebuild it. If anyone would possibly already have a copy of these prints, I would appreciate it, as I can only run for about 4 minutes before it belches with water only in the block. Thanks.
  9. The LA Times dead-ended. Hundreds of articles with a ‘Robinson’ or a ‘Ross’ referenced, but nothing leading to a potential business. Thought I had a phone # for JHRobinson in Texas, but that didn’t pan out either. - still looking. . . . . . . . . . .
  10. We are in Florida. We rescued the truck from imminent scrapping in the Fontana area, in 2007. Old guy was trying to save them from destruction. He’s the guy who implied logging, but not sure he really knew. Unfortunately I didn’t get a copy of the prior title when he transferred to me Thanks for your help.
  11. Unfortunately not. Robinson was ‘possibly’ into logging, but I don’t have anything to back that up. And LA doesn’t really support that, even in 1922. For some reason, the chassis was chopped and the wheelbase shortened by 12” - but I have no idea when - and the truck had a pto added as well. So far everything has been a dead end, which is why I’m trying here. Hoping someone knows some local history out there. Thanks Paul
  12. Oops forgot. Did find the Ross Bros realtor, but their history didn’t lead me anywhere.
  13. Thanks guys. I did find the Corpus Christi link, but like you said they seem to be local to Texas. I will call them tho and see if they moved somewhere between the 20’s and 40’s. Also found a couple of court cases Involving JH Robinson Truck Lines, but they showed in the 5th district -also Texas I believe. Also found this (pic below) which is color correct as the Mack green is how it left the factory (??) CH Robinson doesn’t seem to be related as they were only in the south East (Florida) at that time. So, still looking Thanks for a
  14. Yup, that’s the problem. But - Hoping to find someone . . . .who knows someone .... 100 yrs is a long time.
  15. I’m looking for any info on the original owners of an AC I’m restoring. It was originally purchased by a J.H.Robinson of LA Ca. in December 1922. It was then sold to the Ross Bros. in Long Beach in 1924. Multiple Internet searches over several years, haven’t discovered any leads, and now that I’m finally getting close to completing the restoration, thought about trying a forum APB request. If anyone would have history or leads on these two owners, I would appreciate your assistance. It would be nice to acquire some original photos and history of the truck.
  16. Fill out this form for the Mack Museum. They will tell you everything you want to know about your truck. https://www.macktruckshistoricalmuseum.org/contact-us/
  17. I’m in need of a valve lifter assembly for a ‘22 vintage AC. The guide ears are broke off the base. Let me know if you can help. Thx
  18. Jack Can you provide some information on the CAT starter and Deere ring gear part numbers and how they fit up ? thanks. Paul
  19. Do you know, or can you find out, what the paint code is used on your wheels ? Great job on the restoration !
  20. Yup will be making a new set of fenders as mine have been hacked beyond repair. Just thought I’d check here first if anyone had remains from a previous donor vehicle Sent you a direct msg w email to send pic of your hood to see if it’s in better shape than mine. Thx.
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