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  1. Got the emblem today!! Thanks man! + 1 great seller.Not sure if you guys have a market score on this site or not. But thank you!
  2. In internet explorer window click on Tools. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options. On the Security tab, select the zone the site loads under. Click on Custom level bottom. ______________________________ Scroll down to the Scripting section, and set the Active Scripting to Disabled - prevents scripts or to Prompt - prompts user to run or not to run scripts. Click OK. I
  3. Thanks man, The Wifey (Michelle) emailed you the other day, payment is on its way!! Thanks again.
  4. Click on File or Tools (depending on your view) click on Internet options. Click on the Advanced tab at the top. Click on Restore advanced settings then click Aply. Click on Reset... Click Delete personal settings and then click Reset. Click Apply. Click OK. Retart IE8. Let me know if this works or not. Thank you.
  5. Sweet thank you. I currently flashed my cell with a custom ROM so im trying to get all the kinks worked out with that. I will be calling if i can get it fixed. I will take one (maybe two) for sure. How much do you want for it. My cell is 315-542-0706 only able to receive non picture texts at the moment (yes i know I did a number on my phone). Thank you!!
  6. Nobody has one of theese or knows where one could be found? Thank you all again.
  7. Looking for a Maxidyne Emblem. Does anyone know where one can be found? I have searched on the net and come up with nothing. I believe the part number to be 4MR2748. Thank you all.
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