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  1. Hi Vlad, My mate said that he had no troubles with the liners and pistons, he had 4 motors to work with so just bought a new set of rings. He has a couple of options going now with bearings in Australia, so he may be okay, we will wait and see. He has completed the chassis and axles and is to the stage of repairing cab. rear panels. There are quite a few NR original parts around Aust., its just a matter of getting on to them....i had a brand new compressor which i donated to his cause. Cheers, Murray
  2. Hi Vlad, Thank you for the numbers, i will find out more about the liners and pistons for you....might take a day or two. Cheers, Murray
  3. Hi Vlad, If you could give me the part numbers for conrod and main bearings that would be a start. We get piston rings made here by JP Pistons in Adelaide, they seem to be okay. I will keep in touch if we manage to get onto parts. Cheers, Murray
  4. A mate of mine is restoring a 1942 Mack NR and he would like to know if anyone has crankshaft bearings for the Lanova Diesel. He needs mains and big end bearings in Standard size....although he is prepared to grind the crank if he can't get standard. Any leads followed up. Cheers, Murray
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