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  1. Name: bulldog r688st (1987) Date Added: 20 November 2008 - 04:59 PM Owner: mackr688 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  2. I bought a set of 8 first time bandag recaps about two years ago, after running them for about 2000 miles my truck started to shake at a certain speed. So i pulled it in the shop jacked it up and started spinning the tires by hand sure enough one of the had a wobble side to side that was about a half inch or more, i like recaps but that one tire had problems in the side wall or something put on another tire and all was fine just a bad tire. I have bought many others since and no trouble from them yet.
  3. Thanks for all the info that really helps alot.
  4. Thanks for explaining that for me, no it does not have a transverse torque rod just front to rear on both. What is the best way to jack up the springs, or hold them in place to remove the rubber pads ? I know its not a fun job, but the parts are cheap, the labor is what hurts. I have done tougher jobs just dont like doing anything without having an idea how to do it.
  5. I'm sorry what do u mean by transverse
  6. Thanks for the info i will do that, the bar was not replaced, just the bushing, is there a good way to tell if the pads for the springs are shot without taking them part ?
  7. I had the trunnion bushings replaced last spring, but doesnt mean there right. Is that normal for just the front driver to do it worst than the rear ?
  8. I have a camelback suspension on my 87 R, my front driver always hangs to the left about 2 inches further than it should, the rear is fine and doesn't walk at all, my bushing are good and everything is tight except for the front torque rod going to the cross member above the trunnion. How much does the torque rod keep things aligned, if i replace will it help ?
  9. thats what is in it now 1991 mack reman, in an 87 truck so it has lasted 10 years all the others only have a one year warranty, but i wish i knew y the orignal transmission only lasted 4 years
  10. yeah i found out the hard way found one for $3400 rebuilf one for $4500 rebuilt and one for $5200 not sure what i want to do or i could just rebuild the one i have
  11. it still goes into the lowside, but not without some fight, if i get everything just so so i can somtimes get it to work right
  12. hey everyone im new on here i have a r688st with an e6 and a t2090 trans and guess what it wont shift into low hardly at all anymore i need a new one i have never had to buy one before can anyone tell me what a reasonable price would be i have replaced everything from airlines to shift regulator and no luck so i have to bight the bullet and buy a transmission any advice thanks
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