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  1. Have not tried it yet as we are still breaking it in.... Manitoba is pretty flat anyway Thanks again for your help Macks
  2. Running smoothly now!!!! Thanks for all advise.
  3. Do you mean that valves are not set at TDC or that I am not finding TDC? Thanks. Engine is a 2 valve with Jacobs brakes on head.
  4. I only seem to have one set of marks on my vibration damper. Why is it necessary to push down on the rockers? I have done alot of engine work and never had a problem; do these engine have any problems with broken camshafts? Thanks.
  5. Having trouble with setting the valves. It seems as though once they are set if I turn the engine over for a while a couple of the exhausts seem to be way to loose. Do I not know something here? I have tried setting three at a time and one at a time but seem to get similar results. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Thanks to all who replied. I should be installing the heads tomorrow.
  7. Does anyone know the correct torque for the head bolts on this engine? I have been told too many different specs from my dealer. Thanks in advance.
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