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  1. 2007 AI 427 . Who makes a bigger exhaust manifold for this motor ? If not aftermarket will any manifold fit if from say a e-7 ? My friend has an 1997? E7 350 and it looks like it'll bolt right up im just wondering if the ports on the backside are the same and the gaskets are the same ? I think if I put a bigger manifold on it'll wake it up . Thanks .
  2. The free flow muffler is a definite improvement
  3. I put a walker megaflow on today . The old one had a full plate blocking it off in the center with a (X) sliced in it . I will see if it improves with a load on it .
  4. tell ya what , i really can't thank you enough . what manifold should i put on there thats bigger that will bolt right up with the same gaskets and turbo port ? can i get that file aftermarket or at the dealer ? i don't really want to get into a cam job . thats gonna be $3-5000 no ?
  5. i was looking at a walker 22970 hi flow 4 in 5 out does the stock exhaust have baffles ? what does it look like in there if you look down it ?
  6. well I'm floored ... i can't thank you enough 2007 ct713 006280 zero zero six two eight zero
  7. Its a good truck , runs real good , but that lag has got to go , and needs a little more oompf . Does anyone know if the stock muffler has baffles in it ? I tried to pop cap off top its on there real good . What about a more free flowing stack ? Little to no difference ?
  8. Hello i have a t310m , drained fluid in tranny and both rears, nothing at all obvious in there . But i get a rattling , metallic sound coming from what sounds to be around the shifter area . i only hear it in 7th sometimes 8th. any ideas ? Thanks .
  9. it has camelback 44 rears
  10. Hello all , just wanted to ask the pros a question . Considering buying a 2007 Mack ct713 with I-egr , internal egr they call it . Does anyone have any experience or insite into this ? Its a septic pumper so not a whole lot of miles a year as Rhode Island is very small . Anything i should be looking for when i go look at it ? Thanks larry
  11. thanks man . do you have one ?