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Early Fall



Well it's another very nice day here in Upstate New York. This is a great time of year for us, as I have said before.

My experience with E-Bay so far has been excellent. Several people from further away than I would have imagined

have been here to see and drive the old Willys. And a lot of people have asked good questions on E-Bay about the truck.

The auction ends tomorrow about noon EST, and I am getting anxious. This money will fund the completion of my B67 and the

lowboy trailer I intend to use behind it.

Speaking of the B67 - I have started re-assembly, finally. If I can figure out how to post pictures, I will.

The frame and all attached parts are sandblasted and primed with epoxy. The cab has new floors and door sills.

The rear axle was delivered to a friend's shop for conversion to a 4.28 final ratio and a general re-build and check-up.

I am going with all new shoes and drums, and all new studs in the wheels. New tubeless rims and radials will complete the rolling picture.

The plan has been to convert to an air suspension, but now, at the eleventh hour, I am thinking of taking out some of the rear leafs

and staying with springs. It's a whole lot easier than fabricating up new saddles and hanging new, non-stock, brackets and plumbing

for the air. Reality is setting in - just how much do I really think this is going to be used, anyway?

The next big purchase will be a wiring harness from Top-O-Hill.

It's getting exciting.


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