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1998 CH613



I've dumped so much money into my 1998 Mack CH613 and it once again needs something else that has a price tag of $2300.00. It needs a new or a rebuild of the Econovance unit (the thing attached to the front of the Fuel Pump unit). I would like to know what is the walk away point? Should I continue to throw in good money after bad? I was told by the Mack Guy's here in Houston Texas that Mack no longer manufactures Econovance units for my truck. It's not the first time I've been told Mack no longer makes parts for my truck and that I need to have a particular item rebuilt or find it elsewhere i.e., fuel injectors, fuel pump. In addition to finding it harder and harder to find parts at Mack, the items that are available are expensive, sometimes 2x more than that of their counterparts. I've literally had everything rebuilt, full engine rebuild including the heads, the fuel pump, a lot of new other parts. I'm frustrated and ready to walk away, I guess I'm trying to find a reason not to.

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