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2002 Mack Ch613 won't start



I have a 2002 Mack Ch613 that was hit on the driver's side fuel tank and rear tandems. I replaced the tires and cap the tank. The truck ran one day and now won't start. I checked the fuel to make sure it is getting diesel all the way to the injectors. I had someone pull the codes and they said I had to change the crank sensor. The truck still doesn't start. If I spray some some starter fluid it will run but once that stops it shuts down. Any suggestions?

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Turn it on and hold down the engine shutdown override switch. If that keeps the truck from shutting down it maybe the sensor on the Antifreeze tank. It sounds like it's shutting down because the sensor is faulty and reading that there is no antifreeze in the radiator. This sounds like something my Mack was doing.

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