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Tire Pressure Monitoring System



TiroGage is an American Manufactured Analog Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

TPMS is becoming one of the most important topics in effective automotive cost management, in many discussions regarding energy and environmental conservation, and in all discussions about vehicle operational safety. With the high cost of fuel, tires, insurance, roadside downtime and repairs, on time efficiency, vehicle costs, carbon pollution concerns and safety, TPMS will remain one of the hottest market segments today.

  • Inflate and deflate both dual tires from the outside wheel
  • Maintenance free with only one moving part, the valvecore
  • Has no effect on wheel balance
  • TiroGage never needs removing; it remains a part of the wheel

TiroGage provides drivers of many types of vehicle types and sizes better stability, handling, braking, safety and savings TiroGage is assembled to exacting technical and quality specifications in the United States at the headquarters of Wika Instrument LP USA in Lawrenceville, GA.

  • Blowouts from underinflation costs an average truck
    1 tire every year
  • Fuel wasted from underinflation averages
    125 gallons per year per truck
  • Can eliminate underinflation which causes
    90% of all truck blowouts
  • Avoid roadside assistance costs, lost driver time
    and lost revenue

If you are interested in receiving two free TPMS from TiroGage, please visit www.BuyTiroGage.com


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