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We got a new forklift in the truck shop today - I think it's a sign of old age. It was a nice surprise, though.

I share this shop space with my uncle, and it is strictly hobby space. So the lifting equipment is really a luxury.

We had a large (24' x 40' x 20' high) bridge crane installed with a 6000# hoist a while ago so heavy parts could be moved about the shop easily.

But it wasn't good enough. The forklift is to move those parts not located under the crane area.

Like I said - I think it's old age. We don't lift anything ourselves anymore.

Anyway - I am in the process of disassembling my original 5.46 single axle rear end to rebuild it with the new 4.28 gears and carrier I got a couple of weeks back. The springs needed to come off anyway, as ithe axle will be rehung on the truck with an air ride suspension.

The suspension will require some serious thinking and some fabrication before its done.

I've also decided to put the B67 back together with the original Dayton hub front axle. The axle has brakes and, although I will rebuild it, it seems to be in excellent condition. I like the look of the Daytons too.

The B67 is really a test bed for my B61, which will follow later. I am keeping my best parts for that truck - like my Jake brake, the fresh 711, the Budd hub front axle and some other little treasures that I have saved.

Getting to this point in the restoration has been a lot of fun. Now I'm ready to start seeing some of the pile of parts fit back together.


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