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E7 454 isn't running right



Have 1995 454 mack. Truck ran great! and pulled almost as good as my 550 cat. Overhauled it, with a new turbo,rebuilt pump, and big injectors. Got truck back does not run at all like it use to. Pulling the hill's about 10 mph slower . On top of that, The jakes don't work like they use to. Put 3 stage box on pump.. high stage 30% from illinois dyno. seems to do a little better of the line. then I hit the hill, and it still fall's on it's face. When I start into a pull start's out strong. Then about 9,10th gear half way through, gear feel's like it quit's pulling...and misses a little then pull's on . Pulling about 34,35 lbs of boost, but needle on gauge flutter's bad. And I have checked the obvious. Any ideas would be great. Thank's

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could it be a fuel restriction?

when "bolt on mustang guys" add all the aftermarket stuff, the lines and pump/pickups can be problematic

maybe install a pressure/vacuum gauge on the supply side and see if you are pulling a vacuum.

be careful, remember, NO FUEL lines in the cab

good luck

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