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Mack 12 speed transmission?



I am looking at a 87 superliner, camelback, 100k miles, with a 12 speed transmission. Would this be a good transmission for hauling grain on short trips (5 to 20 miles)? I had a friend say they can give some trouble. How reliable are they? We will prob. only put 4k miles a year on the truck. Thanks!


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The mack 12 speed is a great transmission if you can shift it , its not for the laidback driver ,I've had a couple and no trouble. You do have to make sure the air pressure is ajusted to the right pressure, that makes them shift the best.

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a 12 speed mack tranny is a work horse,when its used correctly it can be a very enjoyable relationshiip,but if i were doing the super short stuff,id just find me an 5 spd

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Mack12 speed was the transmission of choice for Super B trains in the Canadian Rockies for many years, it will be a good transmission for your job.I takes a bit of getting used to but they were well built and I'd go with one every time. Ted Campbell

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