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Comparing Fitflops Online



The Board acquired and perceived as particulars comparing fitflops the advisory fees paid over the Fund as well as the basic fees borne over the Fund with those people of funds using the pertinent cost universe as selected and supplied by Lipper, Inc. The Board noted how the basic cost ratio from the Fund was under the average from the cost ratios of other mutual finances enclosed using the Lipper reports. The Board also reviewed particulars concerning fees charged by CGM to its other clients, which consists of its separate account clients. CGM reviewed with the Board the significant distinctions in scope of options supplied to the Fund and also to people people other clients, noting how the Fund needed a greater allocation of management's time getting a end result of its differing investment mandate as well as the actuality that it is generally a publicly supplied cost vehicle. The Board discussed the pace comparisons in gentle from the distinctions needed to manage these special sorts of accounts. centered on these comparisons, the Board concluded how the advisory fees compensated over the Fund as well as the overall expenses borne over the Fund have been reasonable and reasonable.

In add-on for the foregoing, in gentle from the actuality that CGM could potentially benefit from gentle dollar plans from the Fund, the Board of Trustees reviewed the fitflop sale brokerage commissions from the Fund and concluded that the brokerage commissions have been reasonable, especially supplied the Fund's concentrate on best execution.

CGM Mutual Fund heightened 15.6% all through the next quarter of 2007 in comparison to the unmanaged regular and Poor's 500 Index which returned 6.3% as well as the Merrill Lynch US Corporate, federal government and house finance fitflops sale bank loan interconnection Index which declined -0.5%. For the main 6 weeks from the year, CGM Mutual Fund returned 14.9%, the S&P 500 Index, 7.0% as well as the Merrill Lynch US Corporate, federal government and Mortgage Bond Index, 1.0%.


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