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Mack 2008 Fuel Debris



Our company had purchased a 2008 Mack in 2009 and have had nothing but trouble since we purchased it.

The truck is currently in the shop due to fuel injector problems. Prior to this, October of this year, the mechanics claim they found debris and mold growing in the fuel lines. There had been a debate as to how frequently we changed our fuel filters and where we purchased our fuel. We keep maintenance records showing that we have replaced filter per specs. As far as the mold in the lines, that seems a little far fetched.

Beside the recalls we have had this truck in the shop five times. Fortunately the warranty is still in effect. In March 2010 there had been $1173.00 of work put into it for the cooling coil and injector cup kit. In June 2010 we had $6225.00 worth of work done on the rocker arms and camshaft. In July of 2010 another $551.00 for exhaust repairs.

I'd like to know if any other companies are having simalar problems.

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Early on in the transition from Low Sulfur Diesel to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel there were frequent problems with these type of issues due to inadequate care being taken when refueling. Additionally, ULSD fuel is more prone to contamination by microbial growth. One maintanence item often overlooked when changing fuel filters on the MP series engines is that they should NOT be filled prior to installing them. Instead they should be installed dry and primed with the fuel system hand priming pump on the filter housing. Priming the filters in this way ensures that all of the fuel going through them is cleaned before entering the engine.

Best of luck to you.

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