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Back To Work



Well, Huntsville is over, and I'm low on excuses for not working.

Jimmy has the B-67 frame coming along nicely, and the air suspension is fitted

and ready for me to pre-paint before final assembly. The clutch linkage is all rebuilt and

re-bushed and new bearings installed. (Like the rest of the truck - it's way overbuilt and

almost indestructable, if cared for properly. But, you do have to take care of it!)

The body work is progressing nicely. A lot more welding and straightening than I thought,

but still coming along really well.

Got a nice idea for an A/C condenser mounting from a really nice B-53 in Huntsville.

And learned a new trick involving heat resistant expanding foam insulation for the cab.

If all goes fairly well, we should be putting the cab back on the frame in early July.

I'm sandblasting and painting a lot of parts this week. (The steering box, column and linkage,

the clutch linkage pieces, radiator frame and support etc., etc.)

And taking the 711 engine out of the old R-600 as the donor. It will get cleaned up and painted,

then it gets new hoses, filters etc. for service in the B-67.

Moving along good.

Indidentally - I do have a lot of early R model parts that I would sell, if someone needed.

All of the hardware, instruments, glass, doors, seats, duplex TRD-72 transmission, rear-end and

front axle, etc. This was a very complete and good running truck.

The cab and the double frame are pretty badly rusted, but if someone needed, they are available too.


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