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Collectibility And The R Mack



So it has occurred to me that the R-Mack has not been as collectible as some others.

It seems, I believe because it looked essentially the same from the mid-60's up into the 80's,

the truck lacks a desireability that might exist with a B model or an L model Mack.

Perhaps in the next generation, when these trucks actually are considered "old", they will become

more attractive to the collectors. I wonder which of the power trains will be most sought after?

The R Mack as a work truck, however, is a very different story. The truck has a lot of good features,

and a simplicity that lends itself to being a really dependable, tough work vehicle.

The cab has great visibility out of the windows, plenty of room for us "size challenged" operators and

good heat and venting.

The engines were all rock solid - especially the early Maxidyne series (237, 285 etc). The Maxidyne lent

a new dimension to operating a Mack, with the extremely wide torque band.

I'm wondering about a new business that specializes in reconditioned and guaranteed R model Macks

for sale as reliable work trucks. Seems like it might work. Especially if I can guarantee the performance.

I am looking for info on persistant problems, if any. And what to look for in the cabs as far as rust damage goes.


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