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R600 And Lowboy



I would have thought that there may have been more interest in the R600 and lowboy trailer that I listed for sale in BMT.

Seems there were a couple of people looking for "cosmetic restoration projects" on the forums within the past few months.

My new plan is to keep the trailer, and put the rocker panels in the tractor, paint them both and use them myself.

The trailer will make a real nice recovery trailer for picking up old stuff. I will put a heavy electric winch on the tongue deck

and add some "D" rings for additional tie-down spots. And I think I will cover the rear tires with a structural deck plate, to keep the road spray down.

I'll keep the tractor for sale, albeit at a higher price after the painting is done. The B67 will work well at the front of this trailer also.

The announcement will be official this week - and I will remove the truck from the "for sale" forum.

This will be a fun truck to use in the Northeast moving old stuff around. And I can use it to move an occasional load of lumber for the business.


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