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Quality Built



I had some time this week to completely disassemble the front axle of my B-67.

It's actually fun to take this truck apart.

Everything just cracks loose with a wrench, then unscrews by hand!

It looks terrible. All rusted up and nasty looking.

But you just snap it loose and twist off the nut. That simple.

I am really interested in the simplicity of the design and

the quality of the machining and the castings. But what really

has me impressed is the assembly. Everything is fine machine threads,

and tapered where necessary to draw tight, and hold tight forever.

Even the frame bolts with exactly the right length of threads,

and just the right amount of thread on each bolt to get exactly a full nut of coverage.

Really nice stuff. And probably not duplicated anywhere today, even in the high tech stuff.

And these were "just trucks". No wonder they work forever with proper care.

On another note -

I took my older (1966) R-600 out for a ride down the road today.

No plates - so I took it nice and easy. This truck really runs like a

sewing machine. Pretty neat old unit.

Every light works, the heater and defroster work, door latches work great,

windows work great. No smoke, no bad smells or noises.

Stops good and drives straight.

The tires are square!! Really square!! But even they smoothed up after a bit.

Pretty lumpy there for a while though. (Old bias ply, heavy duty rubber)

I'm ready to sell this one, and just wanted to be sure everything was OK.

Great Fun!


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