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Christmas Gift From Smokey



About a dozen years or so ago ,,just in from a South Carolina run the wife had a bunch of Christmas presents that needed delivering. She and I loaded her Nissan Access and wandered down the road at a high rate of fuel consumption. While watching my rear view I noticed a 4 wheeler make a quick right from a side road about 1/2 mile behind me and right away I thought ...sh*t... As I'm pulling off to the side of the road with a plain wrapper nudging up to my rear bumper,,,,I'm fishing through the glove box for all the right stuff. After surrendering all my documents to the officer he looks at my drivers license and comments that being a truck driver I , must have a good reason for exceeding the speed limit to the tune of 30 mph over. So , I promply explained that I'd been on the road for over 5 days , I'm tired and the wife has all this Christmas crap that she could not hand out while I was on the road loaded in the back of the wagon that I'm supposed to be happy delivering... The cop gave me all my documents back , said his wife was the same way and left me standing on the side of the road while he drove away laughing...


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