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One Packed Mack On A Trailer



Pictures to follow - I promise. I'm just not too sure how to get from the camera to the web page.

Finally got all my parts for the B-67 loaded on a trailer yesterday.

Other than two spare engines and transmissions, the entire 53' high flat is

completely covered with one B-67. And that's with no wheels or tires!

(As soon as I got it loaded - it started to pour! It didn't look good for all of

my bare metal pieces. But it only rained for a short time, then hot & dry again,

so no real damage done)

Anyway we backed the trailer into the new shop for temporary storage.

We can pull it out while the crane is being assembled in that space.

Also got the W-900 out of the shop and I got some pictures of it too. It shouldn't

be too long before Jimmy has it back in running order. I love that truck. Of course I've only

driven it when it wasn't running - but one can always imagine.

Moved the H-63 into its' new home inside the new space. It looks good there.

That's a funny old truck. I never get tired of looking at it. And everyone who sees it likes it.

All in all - a pretty productive weekend.

Took about half of the crane down and moved it. I have a nephew who works for the crane

manufacturer setting up automated warehouses and large industrial cranes around the country.

He made it possible for us to get this equipment in the first place, and was nice enough to

offer to reassemble it for us in the new shop. Working with him has been very interesting.

Rigging and lowering the 40' steel beams from 20' in the air is really an art, and it has been

a lot of fun learning some new tricks.

We have one 40' rail beam, two header beams and the four posts to come down yet. We were

able to move the bridge beam with the crane hoists in place. Saved a lot of time. The rails are

coming down with the trolley assemblies and motors in place too. Should go back together pretty well.

Next I hope to fire up the R-600 and actually drive it around town a bit before putting it inside.

I want to put some heat thru the exhaust of the old girl to see what I will actually have to do

to use the truck in regular light duty service.

Anyway - the building business really stinks for us this year, so I need to have the relief I get from

my old trucks. If we can hold on until better times, I think we may sell the construction business, or

possibly just close it. But that's a story for another day.

Everybody have a good week.


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