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we have hundreds of Mack RD 690S parts that are all brand new and never installed. We cut our fleet of Mack trucks back and have parked or sold most of them.

I have many new Mack parts for sale to someone that has a fleet that could use these parts, I have new drive line yokes, torque arms, shocks headlight assy, gauges, fittings injector lines and many other parts.

we would like to sell these parts as one lot to the right fleet owner or shop that can use them.

parts are all brand new most are still in the boxes or wrapped with prices still attached.

I will make someone a great deal on all these parts but don't have time to sell one or two at a time 

please drop me an email if interested and I can get pictures of mostly all we have. I still have two more shops to go through yet so there will be more added as needed. Steering parts, brake valves and parts, switches, to many to list contact me if interested and I can get pictures if you would like

Thank You

Chuck Williams

Cell 360-907-9605   

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Mack Parts

We have many new RD Mack parts for sale we have cut our fleet back and do not need these parts anymore I will get pictures of what we have but will not sell one or two parts we want to sell the entire lot of brake valves, yokes , shocks, headlight assys, torque arms, Fan belts, steering parts and much more. These parts are all brand new and will work on RD690S Mack trucks. If Interested please drop me an email or call my cell and I will get pictures for you Thank You Chuck Wi

chuck williams7428

chuck williams7428

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