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Help Iam buying a fleet of DM dump trucks wanna buy 1996 -1999 what should odometer read on the hours what would be normal mileage ??I want the trucks to be breaking down the least possible any recomendations ?

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Whats the best dump truck model to buy that least breaks down

I own a fleet and have had some bad luck with a couple of mack rb 1999 electrical wanted to know whats the truck model that least breaks down and takes a lot of hard rough work a strong car I can only buy around the 1994 -2000 range cause of my budget. Please help . I own a DM is done pretty good just would like some suggestions buying a new fleet soon. also is it normal for trucks to be breaking constantly or a good trucks should be a ble to take a beating before it eventually needs fixes?? Th

Harry MTrucks

Harry MTrucks

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