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94 mack dump truck only goes in high gear

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94 mack triaxle not getting air to brake release valve

I have a 1994 mack triaxle dump truck,350 engine,8LL transmission,been sitting a little while, tryed to move but not getting air to brake valve on dash any ideas what I might check would be thankful,looks like a few air lines have been messed with under dash, when I do supply air to air valve from another souce, transmission only goes into high, before it was stuck in netual.I could use some kind of air diagram,any help I would certainly be thankful; Truck was fine when parked.

94 mack dump truck 350 only goes into high gear

1994 mack dump truck 350 , triaxle,all mack drive terrain ,gear goes into high gear only, already replaced valve on dash, could use air line diagram,I think its a air problem. trucks been sitting around 2 years before parking everything was find, thanks in advance for any help. forgot to mention RB model.

Richard T Marcell

Richard T Marcell

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