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  1. 1958 B67T Tilt bed Updated

    ** UPDATE!!** I got it tagged and insured today, the guy I got ot from obviously doesn't know how to drive a duplex, this thing will run about 70-75, haven't had a chance to let her wind out in overdrive yet, but she does better than 60 in 8th! What a nice tight driving old bulldog she is too! :) I just acquired this 1958 Mack B67T, I have been wanting an old B model for about 30 years, and while the B67 is NOT my first choice, I couldn't be happier, she has VERY LITTLE rust, and runs great, has a duplex, still haven't found the tranny numbers, but it has 5th gear towards the dash, and the shift pattern shows it as being towards the back of the cab like and it is labeled as a direct, according to the previous owner, top gear has been turned around, but says that it only runs 55 MPH, so a differential swap will be in order, has an END673, and a 36" Freightliner sleeper, and the cool part is, it's titled as a motorhome!! I'm loving it!
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