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  1. Yeah Harry, it can be aggravating, I checked my U joints, they were dry, and the slip yoke also, I greased them all, and I checked the yokes, there is a very small amount of play in the rear end yoke. I was going to drop the driveshaft, but when I took the bolts out of the caps, and tried tapping them to spin them around, it was like they are welded in there. I put the bolts back in for now, I am going to buy another set of u joints before I attack those old ones! Lol ! I'm hoping that little bit of play in the rear yoke is my problem. I have felt a lot of different vibrations in my life, and this feels just like a driveshaft related vibration. I can make it come and go with the throttle also, which points to the rear yoke or a bad u joint as well. I hope you find your vibration problem.

  2. My friend took some pics, but he has to learn how to send them to me from his phone, he just got a new phone ( he still had a flip phone,lol) and I was trying to tell him how to do it over the phone.............................so much for that! Lol. Here's a pic of one I found online though. They are actually a sleeved engine, which is cool, because from what I have heard, you can put bigger bore sleeves and pistons in them, the bigger Red Diamond engines are "parent bore" engines ( no removable sleeves) It is an awesome engine, I wish I had something to put it in! This pic is NOT my engine, just a pic I found of a 372 Red Diamond, so you can see the size of it.




  3. My "58" B67 has a high speed miss, it's got the END 673, is the best way to determine which cylinder is missing to "crack" each fuel injection line at the pump one at a time while it's idling, to see if I can hear a difference ? The only problem is, it really only does it above 1600 RPM or so, so should I hold it at 1800-2000 while cracking the lines? The engine runs so nice this is aggravating the hell out of me! Lol. I put about a third of a quart of tyranny fluid, and a half bottle of injector cleaner (HEET) in with about 30 gals of fuel to see if that will help.


  4. Is it an enclosed cab, or open, I'm looking for some good marker lights for the cab roof, also if the Mack "name emblems" and the Mack bulldogs for the hood sides are good, I am looking for those too, headliner also, and a good set of air horns and Mack hub cabs

  5. Well, started driving my B67 this week after getting it insured and tagged, slowly sorting out little issues it has. Whenever I get it into overdrive (which isn't often in the 18 mile drive to my shop ad back), it has a vibration it seems to diminish somewhat when I let up on the throttle, what would cause this, will it do this if the transmission is low on lube?

  6. Well! Both shifter towers were loose! All four bolts on the auxiliary tower were VERY loose, and two bolts on the Main tower were loose. THANKS Everyone ! I pressure washed the trans down,now I'll keep an eye on it and see.......................

  7. Rebuilt 1957 372 International Red Diamond. I got this engine from my partner years ago, he had rebuilt it back in the late 70's or early 80's, when he lived in Tennessee (in central Florida now) it was in a school bus converted to a motor home, after the rebuild, he drove the bus to Florida from Tennessee, and parked it, after it sat for a while, he decided he was never going to use the bus again, and pulled the engine and transmission (5 speed) and got rid of the bus, so that is all the miles the engine has on it. It is a complete engine, with carb, air compressor, HUGE 300 amp alternator, starter, and it has the split exhaust manifolds, so it's easy to run duals. this engine would be good for a lot of different applications. I wish I had something to put it in! 750.00 takes it!

  8. I got my truck insured and tagged yesterday, and I drove it to work yesterday and today, on the way in to my shop this morning I thought the transmission sounded a little low on lube. I checked it and it was definitely low, I could reach it with my finger, but had to really reach to do it. The whole driver side of the trans was wet with lube, and it appears to be coming from the top of the transmission, what would be leaking up there? Is there a vent that could be clogged? This thing sat for two years (mud daubers?) or is this something that happens with B models, a common leak area on top of the trans? Love the truck! I want to drive it EVERYWHERE !! Lol

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