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  1. The breather can be incorporated in your filler cap, try a UCC type chrome unit or something similar. A 1/8th bsp fitting is suficient to breath with, but if you are using your old diesel tank , then the standard one as fitted should do.

    Make sure when you mate your pto up ,that there is some backlash in the geartrain,test bolt it up, connect the air and engage it, then try the output shaft to see how much movement you have, you can runwith just a PTO on and the hyd pump removed as the gearbox oil is contained within the PTO.

    nigel :chili:

  2. trent, you americans crack me up with your driveshafts,

    A Chelsea pto with 60 litre pump will do, mounts on the left side of the gearbox, just clears the air tank, mine has the oil tank in a combination diesel tank on the right hand side, If you can incorporate it on the left hand side it will shorten the suction line to the pto. Get yout favourite alloy welder to weld in 340mm on your alloy round tank, should give plenty of oil. dont forget to put in a return line fitting in 3/4 bsp. Or if you are serious ,a tank mounted return filter.

    I mounted the pto and hoist controls in a console behind the gearlever, taking air from the seat adjust to power up the system.

    The hyd control valve bolts on on the right diesel tank support so my hoses are quite short.

    I dont have any controls on the dash as I didnt want to drill any holes, right behind the gearlever is good as you can see out the mirrors when tripping the taildoor when spreading, The other option is to have the controls beside the seat so you can reach up from the ground if you want to operate it from outside, but beware of the seat suspension fouling the controls.

    If you want pictures , sing out.

    nigel. :chili:

  3. If its any help, my super dog was advertised for $NZD 29000, with airride and probably 2million ks or more under its belt, convert that to USd and see how that stacks up, One is for sale in Australia with a camelback, sleeper, 1989 model and 120tonne rating for $Aud 89000. But if you prefer bigger Mack v8s, then there is a 1998 Titan, 610 hp,18 speed,hub reduction diffs,6 rod suspension, sleeper, 200 tonne rating, 4 fuel tanks, bulbar for $AUD 115000. Or a 2000 Titan, with Cummins 600hp, high rise sleeper, planetary hubs,Neway air,18 speed and travelled 500,000 kms for $AUD 176,000. how does that sound,?

    Just remember guys that: A Dog in front of you puts a lot of people behind you!

    nigel :chili:

  4. sorry guys, new springs, 40mm higher in the front but no ride improvement, I drove a K124 a couple of years ago with the bounce problem , and traced it to the rear engine mounts which were solid instead of rubber cushion, some dork had done a quick fix, once all the engine mounts had been replaced , the bounce dissapeared, it was powered by a NTC 400 Cummins.

    Nigel :chili:

  5. up at my family's saw mill there is an engine that was pulled out of an R 700 L, and replaced with a BCIII 400 cummins. I was wondering what it is and if it would be worth rebuilding for high performance. it is a V8 with turbo, where should I look to find size and model #? thanks, :huh:  Doug

    On the rocker cover there should be a plate with the info regarding DOB, and Hp rating,My 500 has it on the left front cover. nigel

  6. Hi I´m new in this and want to know the maintance schedule for my Super Liner wit a 350 2V E6 and 14615 fuller gearbox is any online help on this.

    ¿ K&N made some reusable airfilters Or any one else?  :SMOKIE-LFT:

    Mine has a e9-500 engine , but my service intevals are around 15000km, as I sample my oil on a comparison tester to see whether or not it has reached the end of its workable life, I did start at 12000ks, but the oils showed it was still ok so ive gone out to 15000ks, filters get changed every second drain, Most of our truck engines are based on this system, with the jap Hino/isuzu engines and Cat engines reaching similar cycles. Is that any help? SKF bearings have a hand held oil sampler that works the same as our one. Nigel :chili:

  7. After the recent accident, i had to get two new sets as the originals had sagged,and she was on a bit of a list (all that v8 power torque) I checked the shocks, and they are about 80% efficient, So hopefully this week, Ill be able to prove if the ride improves or is the same, I have a reasonably short wheelbase as well as air bags on the rear, so I havent noticed how severe they can ride, its been a while since I drove a Camelback.

    regards, Nigel :SMOKIE-LFT:

  8. I dont know if you guys in the Us have LED light units , but they certainly stand out. I fitted 3 Blue LEDs under the doors on 2mm brakets and they shine off the diesel tanks, talk about glow!

    I also had the squashed type aircleaner scoops, I fitted inside them an alloy panel to which I spelt the letter H in blue Leds, there were 3 in each and you could see the truck comming towards you at a bout 1 km away, BUT the law enforcement authorities in NZ , dont like it so i had to replace the blue with yellow, same intensity, different colour.

    nigel :SMOKIE-LFT:

  9. Hi guys, I have a TURBO 2000 air drier to attach to my superdog, but the limited instructions have halted the installation , as it requires a unloader connection back to the compressor, anyone fitted one of these units?

    Nigel :SMOKIE-LFT:

  10. Yeah, I keep getting logged out which is a bit of a pain...

    Thanks for the picture of the K100VIT John, such a good looking truck!!

    I've even got that old Overdrive issue too, I used to love getting those mags as a kid... even the adverts were great, and also the Hartley's Truck Wrecker adverts which had the "Truck Wreck of the Month"

    Trucks were a lot better back then I think...

    Hey there old chap, Have you seen my old Aerodyne K124 round at Giltraps yard off Halswell junction Road, They picked it up for around $5000 at Turners from Memory, the cab would make a good kids playhouse. My Superdog is down at Transport Repairs after having the fatal at Amberley the other week. catch you up sometime.

    Nigel :SMOKIE-LFT:

  11. here is a photo of the rh stub axle which failed on the truck recently. because the unit is a right hand drive the stubs lug that attaches to the draglink, broke around the upper kingpin bearing, it had been broken from the rear side for a while , then ripped off when the truck was reversing, It was not picked up 6 months ago during its certificate of Fitness check.


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