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  1. Thats the truck I saw :thumb:

    Thanks for the pic. I for got about the trick windows. shure is in great shape for an old RS700

    On the sleeper it had "cadillac mack" in some funky sticker or vinal decal

    Wold love to see some interior shots of this truck.

    Thanks again


    Long way between the guards and the front tires, is there a reason for this/

    Nigel :chili:

  2. Hope you can read about this truck that is for sale soon, in case you cant here are the details;

    610hp,18 speed, air susp,Voith retarder;cd player.

    This truck was the last sleeper cab Mack Ultraliner ever built in the world, impecably serviced, nouthing spared, 800,000kms, NZD$130,000

    Would suit your style Trent!

    nigel; :chili:

  3. The pump which is mounted on the side of your gearbox via the PTO should have only 2 ports , 1 for suction and 1 for pressure, the pressure port should go to a control valve, mounted somewhere else. this is where your cab control is connected via 2 airlines, the ports on these vary , but a simple setup would have a pressure outlet port which goes to your trailer connection. one port maybe a relief valve dump line and will go back to your tank, the other will be the pressure in from your pump, the return line from your trailer will go directly to tank and may have the relief dump line connected as well.

    hope that helps, Ill send you photos of my dog if its any use

    nigel :chili:

  4. regarding the cooling,my 500 radiator was running a bit hot until i found a sizeable amount of dirt in the fins, I Took off the intercooler and cleaned it with water then spent an hour washing and blasting out the radiator as we found the fan was running in a cold spot due to dirt build up and it would not lock in when things got a bit hot, once cleaned , the fan ran like it should.

    Ive since recored the radiator as there were a lot of missing fins surrounding the cores, and this has cost NZD$2800, just the sort of thing to make you love trucking.

    nigel :chili:

  5. The air start tank should have its own gauge on it, if it holds air , then the gauge should be up a round 100psi+, if not then ,you have an airleak, try the old method of a squirt bottle with a bit of dish washing liquid and water, then wet all the joints you can locate and see which ones bubble the mixture. My dog will empty out the air system and drop the airbags, but the airstart tank will hold its own , sometimes leaving the splitter in neutral will cause it to drop when the engine is off , as there must be a leak on top of the gearbox. If it is hard to start on the starter, unbolt it from the block and oil up the shaft that the gear rides on as the start sequence relies on the gear meshing with the ringgear first , then it opens up the signal line to allow the rush of air from the start tank to the starter, if the first part of the sequence is sluggish, then you will have no end of problem. At least the starter is alloy and not to heavy on the knees.!

    nigel :chili:

  6. At last , someone has heard of the Volvo engine, the latest one in the fleet has been on the road a month and is just starting to free up,trouble is , that it is not running at full 44 tonnes yet, fuel figures look good so far , but as a comparison to the c15 Cat in the kenworth doing the same sort of work , and its currently rated at 470hp, the cat is using quite a lot more fuel.

    As for the e95oo, well it just keeps on keeping on.

    nigel :chili:

  7. In my MACK work shop manuals which date from 1978, there are photos of Scania Vabis 6cyl engines as fitted to R series Macks and all the repair and adjustment procedures that go with them. At that time the v8 was only rated up to 375 hp and doesnt show any Scania link, but there may well be more info on this.

    nigel :chili:

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