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  1. MY Super liner was built up in 1986 with sq lights and is designated R722RST. The chasis is double skinned under the turntable through to the gearbox area.It has the original E9 500 engine and the 12 speed, the original Camel back end has been biffed and a set of Eaton SSHDs fitted to kenworth Airglide 100 air suspension is now fitted, which gives a much better ride, although the speedo has been reset to try and give a more accurate indication of true road speed. The gearing is higher than the original mack diffs which sees 1200 RPM at 60 mph. It is Right Hand drive and the factory fit has red carpet through out with velvet type red hoodlining. I now treat her as a hobby truck , shows etc, but she can still put in a goods days work. at 39 tonnes. As there is not many left here in Nz, they have become a collectors item and still gets waves and toots , whenever Im out on the road. If you look in my Album - kiwi Macks, there is a photo of the Right hand side steering to give you an idea of how it is done. and in the other album-1986 Superliner, you can see more. they are old photos now and quite a lot more dresssing up has taken place.


  2. Nigel, can you provide a link to the post covering this? I did a search with no results... Maybe I'm missing something?

    What kind of Scania engine might be in a Mack MR from the 80's?

    have a look under engine and transmission, it goes way back. The scanias that were fitted to some of the Macks that ended up in Nz were DS8s, which were rated at around 210 hp. we retrofitted the DS8s into British built Dodge trucks to replace their Perkins 540 v8s which were supposed to put out 185 hp. The gearbox had to be changed as well and we fitted spacers on the front axle to give the sump some clearance. after the Scania repower the Dodges had a new lease of life with hardly any problems.

    Nigel :chili:

  3. I put the message below in the Mack truck stories section, but I think it needs to be in here also. Good to see other Mack fire truck enthusiasts !!!!

    When I was a jr. fireman in Surf City, NJ during the early 80's the Dept's first line truck was a Mack C series fire truck and it was a monster. Looked great, ran great, you know, it was a Mack. But what was unique about this f-truck and I've never seen it on another Mack fire truck even to this date. Is that this unit was ordered with a front winch system. The bumper was extended to have this winch put on and it really gave this truck a unique look.

    Years went by, I left the dept. and this Mack got replaced I believe by an MC Mack. I wish I could find out what happened to this Mack C. I just joined a fire collectors club here in Tampa, Fla and if this truck was still in decent condition I would love to add this truck to the collection.

    BTW, this site is great. Look forward to talking to you all on the board.

    Frank H.

    Tampa, Fla.

    where is a photo of your winch truck????

    nigel :chili:

  4. Gday!

    My E9 500 has an air leak from a small port on the side of the puff limiter actuator on the AMBAC V8 fuel pump. While almost perfect wife was placing an order to buy a replacement part (PN BI31QC212) the parts guy suggested this leak may be caused by some other air system failure elsewhere. I've been unable to source any info on the schematic for this air system or alternate reasons for this component's behaviour. It was replaced approx 9 mnths ago for a similar problem. Any ideas?

    its the sort of thing . that you dont play with unless you have all your marbles, if you know what I mean, where did you take it to last time you had a problem?. Have you got that new low sulphur diesel that us kiwis have to endure now?, if so , your injestor pump may be bypassing on the :chili: seals.


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  5. Mine has got an airbag at the rear of the cab with 2 shock absorbers, when the truck eventualy runs out of air the cab squats down at the rear and pulls on the bonnet toggles, looks rather sagy, if your exhausts are mounted to the cab, then they will move as well. My exhausts are mounted to the curved Square steel units that bolt to the chassis with a little muffler under the cab floor, the flexipipe is downstream from the blower, the rest is rigid with the chassis.

    Nigel :chili:

  6. , I took my superdog to the instrument repairers the other day to see if I could get a correction unit fitted as it has a Rockwell back end on air from a KW. The speedo drive from the transmission is a transducer as opposed to a cable, which meant we couldnt put in a step up unit, BUT we did find the speedo has a removeable plate on the back , that when you hook it up to the nerds machinery, displayed quite a few combinations of speed, by shifting the little switchs that are under the cover, bit like the combinations on a garage door opener. mine is now about 3-4 kmhs out , but much better then the 20ks it was before.

    nig :chili:

  7. Ti,

    Ive done mine twice now, once cos the right hand stub axle broke and the other due to the accident.

    remove the screwed bottom cap with the Mack tool or a peice of 1/4 steel welded to a handle, place a steel support directly under the stub axle forging, remove the grease cap from on top, place a neat peice of shaft on the top of the kingpin and give it one almighty f$cking smack with a sledge hamer, if you only tap it, it wont budge, and if you dont suport it, then the shock wont travel through.

    the Mack king pin kit should comprise 2 kingpins and 4 sintered bearing shells.

    nig :chili:

  8. The Vee pump is often referred to as a "short block V8", mine was new in 86, Id hate to think of the cost of an overhaul, ill just put away dollars , cos the blower could be expensive to replace as well.

    Nigel :chili:

  9. Glad to hear that Macks are the same the world over, making their owners money. Had a friend from NZ who used to import race horses to the US. He used to say that you can't go any further that NZ because if you do, you start coming back.

    yep, a 2 day drive and its all over.but then you can watch the other side of the road on the way back.

    nig :chili:

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