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  1. Started my quarry days on a Michigan 35 aws, brilliant simple machine , we had 13 of them, couldnt kill them, then we bought a 175 B and 2x, 75Bs, the old 75 A that was on its way out had a cab and the arms were in front, the 175b did 10, 000 hrs on the 8v71, with no mechanical issues, only the dork driving it used the brakes to unload the bucket in the feed bin, the calipers didnt like that, it used to weigh in at 23 tonnes on the front axle and 9 tonnes on the rear with a full bucket, good michigan memories

  2. ask the man if he wants to part with his hoodlining , mine is missing it, NZFS must have been a hurry to remove the red flashing lights. twig and berries injecting custard in the right place as its 30 degrees C here today, we do have overalls here in NZ capable of even keeping your gob warm, and i dont feel sorry for your miserable winter either

  3. This is my ride most days, it was a logger in its first life since 1999, then an air lift axle was installed along with a NRC quick swap recovery unit, it has a Cummins celect plus N14 -525 engine and 18 speed, weighs 20.5 tonnes, and seen here towing another k100 and 4 axle trailer, both loaded, total weight of 65 tonnes, the victim blew his turbo and sent oil into the intercooler, luckily didnt use up all his oil


  4. I dragged this in the other day,

    In its first life it was a day cab 8x4 ultraliner with a 400 hp engine, which carried livestock then general freight, A month ago it was subject to an arson attack, which means only the air bag arse end, air start tank, gearbox is still in good order, even the alloy bumper is bent and cracked, any good ides out there.?


  5. In New Zealand 75% of the rigs on the road are curtainsiders, and many versions of it as well, some step decks have alloy ramps at the rear hinged behind the doors, so you can drive in with cargo or forklifts, raised by air rams, some have the support poles on the outside and are used as tipping units full of woodchips etc, then backload general freight., another variation has the slide rails extend pass the body towards the cab, so that the curtains can be pulled clear of the body while loading etc.

    50% of the curtainsiders are 8x4 truck towing 4 axle trailers, the rest is Btrain units and semi trailers, and round town delivery on 4x2 or 6x4 trucks.

  6. mine is made up of a second RHS mount bolted to the chassis, then my original muffler got dealt to with the band saw and is now 1 ft long , I mount this alongside the gearbox and created a new twin system from standard auto exhaust components and up beside the fuel tnaks, then went stainless steel up the RH posts then added Chrome 4fts with mitred ends, the original heat shield off the single verticle muffler got cut in half length ways and rerolled to suit the new vertical 5 inch pipes,

    I then made new attach nents for them and bobs your uncle, No heavy dual mufflers waving around in the air.


  7. 1975 MackCF pumper was stolen from a garage in Dauphin County PA. Has the number 83 on side of the doors and "DA Bully from the DA Bronx on the windshield.More info can be found on centralpafire.com. Thanks for any help

    Hasnt made it to New Zealand yet, always on the look out for one of them

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