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  1. I have a 12 speed in my RS700L. Mine is the older one I have a separate stick for Low Low not the air shift on dash. We have a couple RD's with 8LL. Had a CL with 18 speed once. Several 2 stick 6 speeds. A triplex. A quad box. Another R model with a 12 speed with the air shift on the dash for low. A superliner with a Mack 1070 10 speed (same as 12 speed without low). A value liner with a 13 speed road ranger. 

    Having drove pretty much every trans you can get in a Mack except the brand new ones. I personally love my 12 speed. I don't have to shift a lot. Multi speed reverse is great. I love being able to set my PTO speed how I want for running dump trailer or lowboy. I honestly don't know why Mack didn't sell more of them. 

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  2. Don't worry apple dog unless you love Jeb it was a waste of your time. Typical media favoring the establishment guys. Bush had way to much speaking time. Carson had hardly any and is nationally polling almost double Bush's. I would bet Trump, Cruz and Carson all had less time than Christie, Bush and Kasich. And the first three all have higher poll numbers than the latter.

  3. I will throw my .02 with you on Ethanol. We farm also. What everybody forgets is the reason the government mandated the RFS and made a 10 percent blend is to use ethanol as an oxygenate to replace MTBE. Remember that stuff and all the links to toxicity problems. I am not saying we shouldn't consider eliminating the RFS. Right now with $30 crude ethanol is at a slight price disadvantage to oil. However, you go back the last several years when the oil companies were bending you over in the 100-140 crude days. Ethanol had a serious price advantage and that 10 percent helped keep the price down.

    Also, how much did the price of your corn flakes go up at the grocery store due to ethanol?? When you buy that their is about a whole $.20 worth of actually corn in that box of $4 cereal. The livestock sector uses the byproduct from ethanol (distiller grain and gluten) for livestock feed. That has added a cheaper feed stock to the cattle producer. That argument of ethanol driving up food prices was dreamed up for you by the food processors,retail grocery stores and big oil of the world as an excuse to stick it up your you know what. Doesn't anybody see that big oil is part of the guys funding the anti ethanol campaign. Gee I wonder why. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it may not have influenced it slightly but it hasn't caused the bulk of your food price increases at the grocer. Go back to the 1980's and 90's when we had an extra 2 BILLION bushel what we call carry over crop year to year of corn. That was corn that didn't have a home. Now you can go to the pump and buy fuel that was produced in the Midwest USA instead of a Saudi oil field lining some wealthy princes pockets.

    Look I am not arguing ethanol shouldn't be left to compete in a free market like anything else. I as a farmer am fine with that. Get the government out of our business and let us run them the way we want.

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  4. My RS700L says custom built for "Your Mama" on the steering wheel. The guy who originally owned it was Jimmy Wigginton who's dad owned Evanston Fuel and Material. He went by the nickname Your Mama and so thats who my truck was built for.... He died in a motorcycle wreck I believe. His brother Wesley used to have a truck in the area I believe up until at least a few years ago. We bought the RS700 in like 2002 I think from Jake Marsoobian from Gurnee/Wildwood. Supposedly my RS700 was featured in Overdrive magazine back in the day. It was short framed, maroon in color with tall straight pipes when we first bought it and only had bud wheels on front. I wish I had a copy of that!

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  5. Guys, My father in law is a livestock hauler OO in Colorado and has ran off brand trucks all his life currently a 379. Except the truck he learned in was what he claims a 1964 Mack cabover. Based on years it would have to be an F model correct? He claimed his dad owned the truck, and when he started trucking (around 72) he drove that truck for his dad. The only reason I am questioning him is he said the truck had a 211 and a duplex in it. Could you get those options in an F model in 64? I for some reason only though the 673 engine was offered in the F and not the 711 series. I am just questioning whether my FIL could be off on his years of truck and have actually drove an H model with a duplex and 211.... Basically I am wondering if you could get the F spec'd with that engine trans combo.

    Long story short I would love to find a truck and redo it to match the green and white two tone truck for my father in law in honor of his late father (who I never knew). He cannot seem to find any photos of the truck as this would obviously clarify. Thanks for any insight.

  6. GOOG you said you have an E7 Vmac right? Do the RFI Injectors work on a mechanical E7? Does anybody have any experience with their turbo and injector setups from RFI on an E7 and what kind of power are you getting while still having a drivable work truck? I know that they used to offer the ME7 in marine applications I think up to like 650 Hp. Obviously marine applications don't have a cooling issue....

  7. Brad, I am honestly not sure if that is an old Kirchoffer truck or not. I will have to ask dad where he bought that one (I was out of the scene for the last 7 years and just started getting involved again). I know our first RD(172) the one that pulls the lowboy mostly was an old Lake County Grading truck dad bought from an asian guy everybody called grasshopper. Both of them were originally 350s and 8LL trucks. They both are 400s now since my uncle overhauled them for us.

    On another note we recently acquired the old Northern Towing Value Liner single axle wrecker from my grandpa. So stay tuned on a resto....

  8. My RS700 has 3 leaf under it and it rides very well with our trail king air ride lowboy. However our RDs both ride good with camelback and air ride trailer. The trailer surely seems to make a difference. Depending on how much off road work you do I think you will miss camelback. Then again this is a Mack forum and my handle is bulldogbred so I'm slightly biased. If you buy the Pete and decide to liquidate the RD let me know!

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