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  1. friends, 

    what is the correct name for this type of wheels/rims ? please 
    and would anyone happen to know the brand name? 
    i am looking for details and if possible drawings of the same 
    thank you 

    xm524e2 trailer fruehauf  (12).jpg

    xm524e2 trailer fruehauf  (13).jpg

  2. i am looking to making an IH-8066 (XM523E2 & XM524E2) International Harvester Tractor and trailer IN 1/35th scale

    would anyone/someone happen to have a copy of the manual/catalog or images that might help me in the making?!


    I thank you in advance

    stay safe

    enjoy and happy modelling

    xm523e2 and xm524e2.jpg

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