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  1. On 7/9/2019 at 7:59 AM, youngstown.bulldog80 said:

    Attempting to identify a couple main/aux transmission setups. The ID tags are as follows: Main - Fuller 5H74T,  Aux - 8031e....I'm guessing that the main is simply a 5 speed direct in 5th (looks like single countershaft), but is the 8031e an old spicer 3 speed aux transmission?

    That Fuller 5H74T you mention, it's an ancient 5 speed transmission, I think it pre-dates the T905 series. It's very small (if I'm remembering correctly), and I don't even think you can get internal parts for those anymore.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Coenut said:

    I think there are just 2 pans both are available.  Not cheap. Get to fabbing.

    Yea most likely. I contacted a local Mack dealer and the “kid” at the parts desk said it looks like there’s four pieces and it’ll be 500 each for the toe pans and 275 each for the floor panels. Wow! 

  3. 1 hour ago, alex g said:

    I might have some of these pieces I'll have to look and get back to you probably by weekend. Check with watts first they supply us with this website.

    Ok thank you. Let me know. I sent you an email on here too. I checked Watts website, the have the sills for under the doors but did not see any floor pieces. 

  4. thanks for all the info! "Not For Hire" would be visible just to be safe. Anybody with historic plates...has any cops ever bothered you guys for driving "too frequently"? I've heard people say that they've been pulled over and had an officer tell them a truck with Historic plates isn't supposed to be used as general transportation. I mean, when the weather's nice out how can they stop you from taking a Sunday drive in the summer and going for ice cream??

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  5. 2 hours ago, Freightrain said:

    I too put Historical plates on my 'B61 15 yrs ago.  Yes, the DMV gave me dirty looks and "you better not be using this commercially" comment.   No problems.

    With these plates, you don't need any DOT number or IFTA.  Just don't get caught hauling freight or doing something "illegal"  LOL!!  I use my truck to pull my 40ft race car trailer everywhere.   I'm skirting that grey area of the law, but so far, so good.  I have my CDL, so I don't worry about being hassled.

    Yeah it seems the DMV doesn't like handing out historic plates. I won't be doing anything commercially, if anything, I'd haul another antique vehicle with it to truck shows. But it would be my own personal property. I've noticed a lot of people at the truck shows do not have a CDL. Some plates even say recreational vehicle, but I don't know how they pulled that off.

  6. 1 hour ago, eddeere said:

    I went to the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles Registration office in Preble county OH and got historical plates for $46.45 in 2014 for my B 61. The are good until 6/30/2050 . I doubt that I will be good for that long . 

    Did they make you get a US DOT number? Wouldn’t think one is needed as it’s not commercial but I’m not sure. Does the historical plates include the registration? 

  7. Aside from HP and Torque, what are some things (if any) that would make an Econodyne engine (say an EM6-275) differ from the older 6 cyl. Maxidyne ENDT engines? (I imagine emissions and maybe four valve heads but just wondering if there's anything else). Operating ranges the same?

  8. 10 hours ago, blackdog2 said:

    Here in New England Hallamore motor trans -89 Cumberland farms over 100 + Holmes trans- Smiths transfer Carabbeta pre-cast  Taylor + Taylor Plymouth rock   ST Johnsbery- AAA- Fierline petroleum Gulf oil  just to name a few .and Paul Roncetti  .those are tractors not counting D/M on the construction side .

    ⬆️ I understand. I'm going to try to do some digging. And Who is Paul Roncetti?

  9. Hi, new member here. I'm looking for a 1970s era U686ST (or U685ST)....tandem axle, prefer Maxitorque two stick 6 spd low hole or standard 5 spd coupled to a hi-torque rise Maxidyne. Any tips or leads is much appreciated. Thanks!

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