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  1. thanks Alex, much appreciated, I'm in Australia, so hoping to find something a little bit closer.


    It's a 2 position, four pin switch. Blades at 2,4, 9 & 10.

    The actual wiring harness it plugs to has 5 wires, hmmmm.

    I have found one one ebay that seems to be identical, except for the numbers on the side.  I was mostly wondering how relevant that number is, does it have to be exact or is is perhaps a superseded number.


  2. Hi all,

    my strobe light rocker switch no longer rocks.

    I have been unable to find a replacement.


    My question, can I use a 4pin switch #1MR4342M9  to replace the broken #1MR4342M50.

    The pins appear to be the same arrangement. I have no idea what the difference is between the m50 and m9, and can't find any reference to the m50 on the internet.

    I have a 2004 mack vision.



  3. hey Rob, happy birthday

    sorry I missed it

    it's 105 degrees here and the keyboard melted, otherwise I would've been in here first thing with bells on

    Mr Knobby standing in front of aircon >>> Triumphant_CU-ani.gif

    Me (mrs Knob) witnessing Mr Knobby standing in front of aircon >>> smileyshocking.gif

  4. Hi Knobby

    Hope you had a good weekend in dubbo, and the trip was worth it, the pics are really good, do you have any comments about the weekend?


    Hi Monty

    ('tis the better half here :P ) Yes, really enjoyed the weekend, I didn't expect so many tractors but they were great to see. My favourite was that old Lanz Bulldog belching flames in the tractor pull. And the ford V8 was an eye opener! Hubby got all inspired and went out yesty and dragged an old fergie TE20 home. I'm gonna have to find a better hiding spot for the cheque book. :angry:

    The trucks, cars and bikes put on a good display.It was good to see people put the effort in to bring their cars and bikes along.

    As for constructive critisism, well, a more active input from the trucks would be good, e.g, truck pull, b-model drag race, (ok only kidding on that one) driver skills test, reversing, parking, driving through witches hats etc, and I was a bit disappointed in the final parade as many of the trucks had already buggered off. Also day two was a rerun of day one. Still this was only the second or third year? so a great turnout

    I did hear a rumour that public liability insurance becomes a nightmare once the trucks become mobile though. So that takes a bit of fun out of things

  5. shock.gif

    *hey honey! I think we might need to put some more leaves in the spring pak before Rob gets here*

    waterbeds! pfffft, can't trust the ruddy things, Hubby turns over and the ensuing tsunami dumps me on the floor icon_rolleyes.gif

    Hey Rob, I think we must go to the same gym! Fair is fair, I've posted a superb pic of me in my prime (i.e. taken yesty)

  6. I reckon you should buy a car and drive around the country.

    And you better stop in and see us, visit the opal fields, have a run in our b-model (hopefully it will be going by then),

    Any idea when this big adventure will take place?

    august is pretty good for travelling, climate wise, and there's the big annual truck show at Alice Springs.

    Next weekend is the vintage truck and tractor show in Dubbo, western NSW. Apparently the motels are nearly booked out, might have to take the kombi down

  7. Siberia? Sounds like fun!!!!!. We can go together as I've never been there! Just reserve me a "double seat" on the airline, or truck! We need comfort with such a long outing. Hopefully I can control my snoring habit so you may sleep also.

    Can't leave my mother-in-law anywhere distant or I would starve! So we should prolly bring her along too.

    What kind or brand of paint do you folks use down under?


    why does the word Cannabalism keep popping into my head. :blink:

    Ummmmm, as for driving a b-model, well, I don't like to point out a blokes physical misfortunes,

    but b-models aren't very big, and errrrr :unsure:

    well I don't think you'd fit in it,

    with your big ears

    But you're welcome to try, and Mother-in-law can probably ride in the bunk, (in case you need a snack)

    If you're out here late in the year, it's a good time to catch a roadtrain working the grain harvest

  8. I always try to look at the flip side of the coin and wonder why my wife stays with me. I'm 5'2", bald, 315 pounds, (I'm dieting) flat feet, emminator of foot stench, large ears with left one drooping, body odor that borders on "funk" etc....

    Most of all; "I Like Mack Trucks".


    *scrolls back up to see who it was we offered hospitality to*

    (darn, it was Rob) :blink:

    Ummmm Rob, maaaaaaaaaaate, I think we were gonna be in siberia that month you are visiting oz :unsure:

    But we'll leave the b-model and a tin of paint out for you,

    and directions to the opal mine, just incase you want to add your gem of a mother-in-law to the other buried gems down the mine

  9. we have the condensor on top of the cab, with two fans I think and a bit of a frame built for it to sit in.

    The a/c unit is under the passenger seat and blows on to the driver.

    It works fine,

    The truck is off being repaired and hubby is not here to give more details. There may be a pic of it in my gallery/album.

    It gets over 110 degrees out here, the a/c seems to cope fine

  10. Hello, thats a neat looking B. where in OZ are you?

    regards Grant

    G'day Grant, Hubby and I are based in northwest NSW, mostly we do seasonal work, grain and cotton. The last 8 years of drought hasn't been much fun :(

    At the moment Hubby is in QLD moving some dirt around (about all thats left to cart these days!)

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