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  1. That image is a good start, thanks. Our trucks came through Australia but only has two lines to the trailer.

    We have a trailer brake lever fitted and the truck brake on the steering column. I'm presuming those are doing the task of the system park and trailer park knobs of the never models. I don't  know what the trailer control valve in the image is.



  2. Good Day

    Does anyone have any diagrams or schematics of the R model air system. We have an R797 that we are trying to restore to original, over the year the air system has become a mess. On that note any wiring diagrams would also be greatly appreciated


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  3. Having trouble the TRTXL1070 transmission splitting consistently, i can get 1st to split sometimes but after that no other gears want to split. I am getting 60psi on the Lo/Direct reducing valve

    The lock to stop the main stick shifting when in low reduction also seems to not be working

  4. I have notice when the splitter is in the fwd position the exhaust port on the shifter is exhaushting air and when the splittler is moved to the second position from the front i have got no drive.

    There is also nothing stopping the main shifter shifting through all the gears when the deep reduction is in low

  5. Thanks for the info, makes dense to me.

    The shift out of deep reduction, main stick to neutral, then shift out of low to high then select first again?

    I am also hearing a hissing of air from the transmission when in direct, i am going to trace the lines but is there any other underlying issue that could cause this


  6. Yea that helps out nicely, if i'm not mistaken deep reduction should only be used in first gear? How does the splitter on the box work, eg pulling away in 1st low you would switch to direct drive release throttle and when the throttle is applied again the shift happens and it changes in to 1st high, the next shift is to 2nd when ready to split can flip the splitter back ( back into the low positsion??) release throttle and apply it again to shift, and so on through the gears?

    Hope you can gather what i am trying to say?


  7. Hi

    Could someone please go over the correct way to shift for neutral trough all the gears (double reduction box). I would like to see what every has to say because ive had guys tell me a lot of contradicting way to drive the rig.


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