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  1. Hi Puppy, r-models are notorious for passenger door wind/wshr tanks cracking over winter months and just cracking from bouncing around on job sites pot-holes etc, etc. I would try possibly blowing back thru all the rubber lines and especially w/w supply hose from door tank, any poss clogs from sediment particles and such in w/w tank. may be a temp fix, another 15 years would be a nice fix! good luck!

  2. Whenever Bosses of mine needed to mess with titles & registrations on there commercial vehicles, I've always know it to be a trip down to motor vehicle in Trenton, N.J.'s capital. Can't do much at the local dmv's or regionals. jeez what with computers and such in this day and age. go figure?

    Also when they needed company id;s or corporate codes they usually would use there social security codes with 3 ooo'S added in the beginning or at the end. IT wasn't a trick or nothing. it's what it was more or less.

    hope maybe that give you some idea.

  3. I appreciate all the info in regards to floaters, But Wait a minute as you put mileage on yo odometer sin't floaters those things you get in your eyes but you somehow have to train your brain that they really aren't there ? Oh boy I digress once again.....I got information that I was sorely in need of and I thank you all so very much. Except in this case,I asked a silly question and all I got was some very good replies to my situation. End result being that all I have to do is decide on a heavy duty lugged floatation tire which seems to be best due to the off road situations that I am often found in. which isn't really that extreme. I dig em at the quarrys when foul weather hits, Also winter snow plowing. They are quite reassuring as to my safety. But the shop put one continental ribbed type floater and the other a Bridgestone lugged type on the R-model. Boy they sure give you a good amount of distance between between the cords and the pavement on those continentals, must be an inch@least or more of good rubber tire. keeping any nails from trying to go threw and ruin your day. well ya'all have a great and safe days ahead.

    thanks again, I do appreciate the replies

  4. When it comes to C.B, radios I have have a collection at my moms garage also. D104's,Turners,Road kings. Etc. Etc.

    I remember learning that you have to isolate your radios and antennas separately from certain make truck chassis. due to "positive grounds". You were ok as long as you used the plug in power socket that they gave you but if /when you placed the antenna on the mirror bracket, bam the finals just got baked. We had to reverse shield and the copper line if I remember correctly. I never thought I'd be running naked in the quarry's with no ears on. However it's been over 6 years without a c.b. and to tell you the truth. . . I'm enjoying the peace and quiet of trucking without a squawk box adding to all the noise.

    Wow De ja vue remembering that c.b. radio faze way back when . Before them dick tracey cell phones that nobody can live with out anymore. never mind cellphones now all they want to sell you is smartphones. Heck just give me a roll of dimes and put back those payphones.

    drive safe truckers,

    Hey rob, I'm not surprised that Joey had radios for you in his trucks. But I remember Leslie's trucks and that you were lucky to have power tarps to cover your loads,nevermind cb radios. lol

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  5. Hey now, I see your fleet up at Braen, I'll be on the lookout for this new one. I remember my cousin had to fight H&H for the big motor with his automatic, back then all they wanted to give you was the 350. Mack didn't want anybody blowing up the automatics. until they were sure that they would perform well. Then they could try 2 blow them up. lol They wanted the sale so he got his what was it 427? 454? it's when they first came out with the amatics. also I think he got a lower gear for low and reverse, similar to a low reduction. due to the full-time milling crew that he's on. also first thing he did was drop the atf and replace with synthetic atf. what a hassle mack gave him a hard time over that. and they wanted to void the warrentee because of that. I mean c'mon you would think they would be more then happy 4 him to do that ? go figure? It seemed like a 55 gallon drums worth of ATF. Around the time this all happened was when the automatic was just coming out in a big way and dealers had a few demonstrators they were loaning out to guys like veniero and none of his drivers wanted to drive it. I remember it was a blue cab with a Tony Sanchez installed body. It got passed around. the automatic just wouldn't move with a 350 power plant. One of the problems the automatic created was that now anybody that could hold a steering wheel and had a CDL could get a job driving a heavy-duty dump truck, No experience necessary.

    anyway enjoy/goodluck and drive safe.

    I think i'm mistaken about the lower first and reverse with the automatic?

    i'm pretty sure that was done with a fuller 8 spd that my cuz ordered.

    and that's why he liked the older r-models with the mud sticks they crawled along perfectly with any milling machine

    ouch my clutch leg is charly horseing from just thinking about all that.

    oh one more thing..........don't be surprised that u can't find the clutch pedal

    when you come to red lights. . .lol

  6. Great replies drivers, my bad on the mixed up numbers I gave jakebrake86 earlier. What I have is Bridgestone 385/65 R22.5 floaters on the front axle which brings the axle rating up from 16,000 to 18,000.

    M844 found on the sidewall maybe a model/style number? Which is a nice lugged tread which has lasted for just over 6 years. not bad for an on/off road steer axle tire. My mileage is lower then the trucks that run quarry loads,because I run for the contractor not the quarry, which is his 5/8 loads to my two/four per day. The r-model had to replace one tire and they gave us a Continental highway tread front-runner,which normally I prefer the lugged pattern even on steeraxles but this continental is sweet. looks like it'll last a good long time. We register the tandems at 70,000 gvwr and we're registered with apportioned plates due to the jobs we contract across state lines, which allow tandems to be no more then 56,500, N.Y.S or there abouts and tri-axles are allowed even less. I think it's 52,500 gvw on tri-axles. Surprisingly tractor dump-trailers which in New Jersey are matched accordingly to dump tandems and/or tri-axles are same as trailers. Meaning 70,000, 80,000 with drop axles. Also can be loaded up to 110,000 gross with r/permits in N.Y.C. & 5 boro's`. Correct me if I'm wrong, It's been awhile since I've run demolition out of the rotten apple. Teamsters Local 282 kept me busy with any jersey outfits that needed to get onto city job sites an such. My knees wobble just thinking of hauling anywhere above 80,000 gross. and always being on the lookout for the Port Authority mobile scales so we knew which tunnel to run out of, then you had the Bergen county cops on top of overpasses along rt.3 and 495 as you entered along the meadowlands and such. And in regard to running on/off road, what seems to be the worse is getting in and out of the quarrys without biteing any chunks out of tires and /or puncturing a tire with hidden rebar in the dumps or just passing the 1-1/2 stockpile, hell I've punctured tires on 3/4 clean stone, they're as sharp as arrowheads. So I understand what my bosses are thinking, but being pennywise and dollar foolish versus performance well I know which side i'm on. thanx again for all your replies.

    drive safe,

  7. wow my first truck DM 800 with 5x4 twin sticks. what a truck to learn on, you figure that one out and its in your blood. take it from me. shifting main box and/or auxiliary whilst attempting to make turns around corners you would need to have left arm thru the steering wheel on one stick and the other hand on the other stick. and if u had plenty of miles on that unit such as mine then once and awhile u would have to pull over and climb underneath and free up the shift tower linkage that got jammed because you didn't get the shift done just right. hop back in and start all over and try again

    wow memories fond fond memories . not so much then but definitely now.

    p.s. might a cone axle be a 58,000 rear reference

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  8. We have two tandem dumps. One is an R-model with spoke wheels and the other is a granite with steel buds. now they both have floaters on the front axles ....ok so here's the questions ?

    The boss came up with the idea that he would like to eliminate the floaters on both trucks for two reasons, 1. the tires are expensive as all heck. 2.he needs cores for recapping and to use on the rear tandems.

    so on the mechanical R-model all axles are spoke wheels with buds, will the rear rims bolt up to the front axle that had previously had floaters,or is there some sort of off set on the floater rim and it shouldn't be a problem?or it will be a problem and what do I need to do?

    now on the granite it has aluminum alcoas front wheels with the same floaters. will the steel buds on the rear axles bolt up to the front axle?

    Please try to forgive me for even considering this idea (idea not mine) I drive the granite and I am so happy with the additional rating and maneuverability I get with the floaters,I also think it to be sacreligious of sorts to even think of doing any of the above. I just need to know what they are going to be up against if they try. I'm desperately trying to stop this from happening.

    y'all drive safe now y'hear


  9. Had my driveway repaved the other day. The guys pulled up with this cool Granite, just thought I would share the pics.

    Yeah nice set-up,par for the course. I run an earlier granite tandem with front floaters,along with the tandem tag-along up in north jersey. Would like to have the tri-axle set-up sometimes, but the tandem is able to carry 22 ton and manuverability is key issue with all the tight spots etc,etc.compared to a tri-axle that carrys 27 ton and has that drop axle in the way and length. We do quite a few residential jobs,and what with the narrow streets & driveways and wires and trees you just can't raise a long body. what i've seen some guys do in those instances is they dump the asphalt on the ground and use the skid-steers to transfer to the paver. what a mess.

    Welcome to my life. steve,

    P.S.nice pic's look's like no worries of aboveground utilities being /getting in the way by you. heh-heh

  10. I'm looking for owner operators of 1960's Mack tractor and trailers to be used in a traffic scene the week of September 2nd in the New Lebanon, New York area. Other makes are fine but, should be in nice shape. If interested, please email pics of your rig(s) and phone numbers to Miamiprops@aol.com.


    Hey Lew,

    Just wondering how you made out? any pictures?I didn't see this thread till labor day. My bad!


  11. Sad to say that although they'll probably keep the name, Mack quality and toughness (which is where the reputation came from) has already suffered. It appears Volvo bought the company for the dealership network and to eliminate competition (remember White/Autocar/GMC?). Autocars were at one time incredibly tough durible vocation trucks that Volvo turned into a whimpy girlie truck and then eliminated. At least when Mack had Brockway they kept building and improved a great brand known for toughness that could make you money. A few years ago I was pulled over with my B model by a trooper looking for red fuel. He summed up what has happened very well when he remarked about the age of the "B" still working, looking good and making money compared to his new patrol car - "Our parents sure built things better than we do, look at this car, brand new and it's falling apart, what a piece of s##t!". So it is going, that in the name of lighter weight, more speed and government regulations Mack is becoming like it's competitors thanks to Volvo, a throwaway truck that the bean counters like, zoom zoom zoom and then in the crusher for whatever isn't made of plastic. I just wish that so many older trucks weren't exported where they'll be working for years to come unlike the plastic throwaways we've got here. Bob

    wow rsmartyn you've just shown me the light! the idea is to go over to all them south american countrys and buy up all the mack cabs/axles engines/transmissions and chassis/rears anything and everything :mack1: . HMMPH I WONDER hmmm could it possibly work somehow or another? i think i smell wood burning? :SMOKIE-LFT:

  12. I've seen them load past the dog house and over the cab shield right onto the hood. most milling crews only have one operating engineer up on top of the miller and i still get a little nervous when i see that he's busy maneuvering around a catch basin or just a couple of boxes. I've pulled away and dumped the load right there in the street a few times when they've neglected to pay attention to loading me properly. spillage over the sideboards not good!! no touch (trimming) loads are the best. milling at night can be dangerous if your not working with a crew that you can trust to load properly and you are both used to each other.

    one time in N.Y.city i was on a foundation job about 3 stories below ground level. pulling demolition out to new jersey and this operator was being brutal loading me with a cat 235 excavator with a bucket that was just as wide as the inside of my dump body and so he must have been getting a bonus to load us up to the max and some. let me explain for those of you that aren't aware that for the

    most part side boards are not put on a dump body so as to allow more load, they are there for the safety factor so as to not allow any spillage over the sides and to keep the load in the body.

    any way he was smashing this material so much so that it took an extra 15 minutes for him to squeeze another bucket of material onto the load now i have to leave up a ramp that allows you no sight left or right

    as you proceed up it at an angle, talk about dedicated once you commit to leaving theres no stopping at all

    hammer down and keep yer fingers crossed that they got it all clear up out on the street...memories

    anyway sorry back to that operator. OK so i did one load and upon getting loaded the second time i asked the operator nicely to go easy with me for general principles. never mind that the port authority is mobile and we even had a scout cause they were mobile between the two tunnels the Lincoln and the Holland.

    big fines and some tickets even to the driver. so here's the clincher. this operating engineer goes off on me saying he's the O.E. and i'll take the load that he gives me and thats that. oh boy needless to say

    that's all it took for me to walk nicely over to my dump and get in and engage the P.T.O. then also release the air gate and pull up a bit as i raised my body and dumped my load afterwords i told the OE' that now he can do it again properly. so he go ahead and tells me to leave, which i wasn't going to do until some one signed me out for my 8 hrs. and here come the superintendent and blah blah blah i was right the O.E. was wrong and was told so needless to say. sorry for the hijack but it all came to mind

    that what alot of us do is not just a job but an adventure.

  13. Back to the automatics for a second. We had to dump the ATF and replace with synthetic fluid and then try to get an extended warranty on our granite ten wheel dump W/automatic trans. We also fought the dealer for the bigger motor, instead of the 350 we got the 427 or was it the 460 I'm not sure. I can tell you it a hell of alot nicer to have the bigger motor working with that automatic 460 sounds right. and oh yeah gotta try to forget about going for that clutch pedal when you come to red lights and stops. Almost embarrassing kind of!!

  14. Get a triaxle. Dont go with a tandem. In jersey you get 80000 lbs with a triaxle and a bigger box. More material= more money


    yeah sure tri-axle 80'000 doing quarry loads.more material =more money spent at the repair shop and fuel and tires.bring something to read for the afternoon when you'll be sitting with the rest of em. waiting for a load out and then ya can come back and wait again and forget about crossing state lines into NY not at 80,000. more like 64.550 better off with a trailor for that.

    anyway ten wheel dump with a steel body. you can hire out to contractors for 55-75 per hour more so on the lower end.too much competition all them new trucks gotta get paid fer. i heard of guys giving three trucks fer the price of two! can you believe that? hey ya have to get your day count in and if you dont get them days during the summer then don't count on the winter to save yer butt either.i fergot to tell you the first thing you should do when you get your dump is place your head under the front of the forward rear axles and wait fer the air to build up and release the maxi's this way you'll be put out of your misery way before ya end up suffering for to long.but if netting 12 to 25 dollars a day is your thing then have fun!


  15. hi all,

    its that time of year where the burden on your climate control/electrical accessories is at its most, other then winter, when most all accessories are on in high position/maximum use.

    well it happened this morning out on I-80 mounthope/rockaway, was running millings from bottom to top of hill about 20 miles.it was one of those stay right and maintain speed hills. i was high gear and revs were dropping so i had to down shift and thats when all hell broke loose1/4 mile from my exit. i had a new altenator and belts installed at start of season/spring oh yeah 96 r-model tandem dump, noticeing then that the belts seemed odd somewhat, the pair werent same in tightnest . i have 2 all together. looks like it could be 3 but no. 1 for alt,waterpump and crank pulleys, and the 1 inner belt is fer the a/c,waterpump, crank and a/c compressor. me thinks i,m going out now to investigate.yup like i said now i thought there was a third belt ,what it was is the inner belt outa the 2 belts total looks like it supposed to go to the a/c compreesor only other way could be a third belt from water pump pulley to a/c comp pulley......uh-uh i don't think that would be a viable(work fer long).anyway i sat on the interstate fer 2 hours waiting fer da boss two get dressed and bring me out the one basic pair of belts so i could get my load off and return home to the barn. now all my life i learned from day one that when replaceing belts its not a bad idea to hold on to the old belts no matter what there condition maybe, either keepem with the vehicle or at the least hangem on the wall in the shop well boss did neither :pat: so there i was not to far from my area mack :mack1: dealer but it being 2:30 am didn't help at all. so wake up boss man and tell me what you did with the old belts and or wheres the new set of belts fer my truck, i mean he has 5 mack tandem dumps of various year and such. how many different types and kinds of belts could there be fer mack trucks. well boss has been in buisness family excavating&trucking fer over 50 years and he just sold the original barn/shop where he operated out of for that amount of time wow what an endeavor,what to keep and what to throw away well anyway our luck was two sets of mack belts vintage late 50's early 60's and boy o boy they fit like a glove anyway good fer me i got home safe along with the truck both of us no worse fer the wear. but!!!!!! i still need that belt so as to run the a/c compressor, now all this story telling has me leading up to this.......squeeling belts ,cause and effect........such as proper adjustment, how tight is to tight, polished/glazed pulleys fiz/clean or replace? procedure install new belts let run fer a couple a days re adjust ? any suggestions/advice... thanx fer hearing me out :bulldog1: the/dogg :thumb:

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