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  1. Well that sucks lol. The Kenworth guy told me to avoid 2004, 2008, and 2011. Anybody know the particulars of them? This here truck is practically ready to go. Worst case scenario if the motor was a problem child, couldn't a guy just put in a different one for $8-10,000? 2004 Kenworth T300
  2. This truck here is basically already set up just how we need it. Everybody says to avoid the 2004's though. Are they THAT bad? Is there anything I can do to see if they got the kinks worked out of it?
  3. We don't have the body yet. Planning on ordering a new one as soon as we get a truck bought.
  4. Hi everyone, second post here. I've been tasked with getting our new spray truck purchased and tooled up. We are going to be doing manhole repairs with it. A lot of guys I know buy a tractor and stretch it and then put the 24' insulated van body on top. The "regular" straight trucks I guess don't have enough power to do the job. I have been told we need 350hp to be happy. 10-12k FA and 40k RA. We won't be logging a ton of miles on it. The average day would be about a 30-60 minute drive to the jobsite, work all day, drive home. Not a ton of work in the winter so I would be surprised if we put 20,000 miles on it in a year. Another guy I know doing the same work only gets about 10,000 miles per year. I would like to get a truck I can count on for say 10 years worth of work. I have spent at least a month now Googling and reading online forums. In some respects, I shoulda just bought a truck blind right outta the gate because now I've heard so many horror stories I don't know which way to turn!! That being said, I've heard the Macks have a comfortable interior for a tall guy (6'7") and known for good work rigs. It seems everything built over the last 15 years is "junk" according to at least someone. The local Mack dealer only seems to want to sell me 2012 and 2013 fleet trucks with 350,000 miles on them I think MP8's. They look nice/clean but by the time we remove sleeper, stretch frame, add van body etc etc it starts adding up big time. The salesman also said to avoid I think 2008-2011 as well due to emissions issues. The below pic is what the end setup should look like roughly. I know this pic is on dirt, but really 98% of the work is on city streets. Any recommendations? Would it make any sense to try find a reefer truck and just take the refrigeration unit off and add another rear axle?
  5. Hi All, New here from central MN. Have never had a truck before, but going to be buying on soon. Have been lurking for awhile trying to soak up as much as possible. Decided I better just fire up an account so I can participate. Looking for something for municipal/vocational work that I can put a 24' van body and put some heavy duty spray pumps, compressors, generators etc in. I'm in the industrial painting/coatings business. TIA