My first Mack

My first Mack was a ’63 B67T flat back, hard nose with R96 Roadranger trans., 12 volt system, tubeless rubber and Maxi brakes – sort of an odd B model for my knowledge of B’s at the time. The Mack Museum provided lots of interesting information including – there were 150 trucks total in the order for my truck. Wonder where the rest of them might be?

The second Mack to land on this hill was a ’64 B615ST – END 864, TRQ 7210 trans., 38 K rears on camel back suspension. A V-8 in a B model? No body in this part of the world had ever heard of such! 575 of them built between 1962 to 1966. Wonder where the rest of them might be?

Well, many conversations later with Snowey Doe at the Mack Museum and boxes of information from him caused the registry idea to start by word of mouth. Many people sent pictures and information by mail. An index card was started for each truck with its info. Each of these people passed the word on to others. The first edition of the B Model Registry contained about 200 trucks. The 19th edition contains around 2300 with an index card for each.

If you are not listed, please send your info using the form on the home page or email it to:  I have to manually enter each addition and then publish a new edition in December each year.

~Tom Gannaway