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New York City Sanitation Mack RD 8886SX - Flusher Truck Freshkills Landfill

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A one off build for Freshkills Landfill in Staten Island to maintain haul roads and some of the active landfill cells. They were filled with water and dilute pine oil or chlorine to help disinfect and improve the smell. As mentioned this rd800 flusher was a one off build, there was two sister trucks to this one used for road building in Freshkills. The two sister trucks were identical spec but had dump beds on them instead of a flusher system.



-AWD (Marmon-Herrington front axle)

-Triple frame

-Allison Auto (Allison HT750DRRS)

-Fire suppression system

-Water cannon/turret mounted on the truck

-Rosco water tank & flusher system

-Mack E7-300 Engine

-14.00 R 24 Rubber all around

-Inter axle diff lock

-Suspension set up unknown

NYC Sanitation Freshkills Mack RD8886SX w Klein Flusher 69F-002.jpg

MACK RD8886SX NYC Sanitation Freshkills Flusher.jpg

NYC Sanitation Mack RD8886SX Suspension.jpg

NYC Sanitation Freshkills Mack RD8886SX (69F-002).jpg



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2 hours ago, tjc transport said:

do you have any pictures of the CCC trucks they used to wash the roads in static island around the landfill area? 

Yes I do, I also have videos of them from the city archives.

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