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Why did Mack change from using the Vision name to CXU and CH Pinnacle to CHU etc?

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I remember with great fanfare when Mack launched the Vision. However a few years later the name of the same design was transitioned to CXU. 

The CH axle forward used to be called the the Pinnacle then they started using the CHU while some versions of the CXU also used the Pinnacle name.

Does any one know why those names were changed on those trucks even though the design/styling stayed the same?


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I may be wrong but I think it was the time when Volvo switched to use MP engines and Volvo chassis. Actually a different truck with Mack cab. So a reason became to change the model index also.

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I think around '03, it changed.. look at the so-called Macks and notice 3 air tanks under the left side steps, also look at the Huck bolts in the frame and the location of the holes, Look at the frame rails and also, look at the air servo banks in the frame that control, susp/5th wheel/ power divider///   and so-on...  to me that was all Volvo, infiltrating the Mack chassiss... im sure theres more, but i'm a bit slow today...:) jojo

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24 minutes ago, upsman said:

In 2008 the Vision became the Pinnacle the cab was slightly larger and the Mp engines and seventh injector regen came about for emissions. 

The seventh whats came about because of what ????


I'm completely lost here 



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