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After market intake manifold?

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Can anyone provide any information on the intake/carb set up on the A-54 I adopted last weekend? I believe the engine is a en 510. I think it should have an updraft carb of some kind, but it has 2 down draft Stormbergs on an Ellis intake. Any information would be appreciated. 


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I cannot answer your question on originality, but I will say the dual Strombergs look pretty slick.  Also, downdraft Strombergs should be pretty reliable, rebuildable, etc.  On the other hand, being totally original is certainly a worthy goal.

Do you have an air filter that fits this setup?

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Thanks for the replies. I have been able to find a little info on the intake. As much as I like “original” I like functionality better, and this setup seems to be very functional. This truck set in the woods for many years. I blew out the fuel lines, filed the points, poured a little gas down the carbs, and it fired up almost instantly. 

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I have a 'thing' for Ellis manifolds and was happy to see the pics you shared on FB.  Max Ellis started the company near Los Angeles and primarily made intakes for larger trucks.  He started with Butane power manifolds, moved on to dual carb manifolds and even made exhaust manifolds for some gas motors and even Cummins.  On a side note, I am working on installing an Ellis on a 572 Continental in my 46 Brockway.  My Dad talked about these manifolds years ago and ever since I have been collecting pics and literature.   Here are several pics of some literature...









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