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28 minutes ago, Bullheaded said:

Was training a new loader operator the other day. She listens better than most.


Here she is doing the circle check.

20210308_073955 (Large).jpg

20210308_074116 (Large).jpg

20210308_075611 (Large).jpg

Beauty!  Now around here they would be calling the "fish cops"...Rabid fox!!! 

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It's got a good pelt on It..Too.. wonder what it'd be worth... They're worth SFA down here. Not worth skinning..

"Be who you are and say what you feel...
Because those that matter...
don't mind...
And those that mind....
don't matter." -

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3 hours ago, 85snowdog said:

I'm pretty sure its wondering what's in your lunchbox today , lol 

Yep. Everyone in the mine feeds them. Not to mention all the underground guys leftovers come up in the waste ore. So that's why they all look so healthy up there.

I was just sitting there waiting for the next truck, napping, and opened my eyes to that. LOL


I have a dens and families that live in my back yard and they don't look as fat and fluffy as these ones.

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Circle check, haven’t heard that in years out here they call it Walk around.... animal is gorgeous thanks for sharing.... bob

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