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Looks like i'm behind a little, haven't said anything since before Thanksgiving. I left Sunday and went to Orchard Park,N.Y. I must say that New York does an excellent job on the roads when there's snow, at least in that area (rt.219 from Pa. to Buffalo). Another driver went to Orchard Park last week to deliver Friday, but he broke down somewhere near Bradford, Pa. and had to have the truck towed to Bradford. He said the wrecker was an old Mack, but I don't now if he meant AC old, b-model old, or r-model old. Big Jim's truck broke down in Ohio the week before last and needed a camshaft, so he left it at the Freightliner dealer in Monroeville and rented a car to drive home to Reynoldsville,Pa. He went to Monroeville and picked his truck up when it was repaired then went to Lantz Corners, Pa. and picked up the Orchard Park load and delivered it.

Meanwhile, I delivered in Ochard Park Monday and went to Brookfield, Ohio and loaded coils for Roanoke. Dropped in Roanoke Tuesday and went to the shop and had my truck serviced. Todd told me I could go on home and he had an Orlando load out of N.B.Handy for tomorrow. Sunny Florida is nice this time of year, except when I went in Wednesday Orlando had been moved to Ohio, to a place formerly known as Negley, and the load changed to a load of kyanite. So I unloaded in Orlando-I mean Negley-Thursday morning and went up to Masury and loaded more coils for Roanoke. They said they couldn't unload them until after 1pm, so I lollygagged around and got there at 11:30 and untarped, and they said it would be many hours before they could unload me so I ended up taking them to a warehouse in Roanoke and unloading them.

They've got another Negley load for Monday, but they're gonna put a couple of new windshields in the truck Monday morning, so i'll load and go Monday.

Jeff's new truck came in last week. A pretty red 386 Peterbilt. He said I could take it or keep what I got, it didn't matter to him. I think i'll just keep what I got.

Now the title fits anyway.

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