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Merry Christmas

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Yes happy Christmas to all, interesting Rowdy, got me talking to people about all the stuff we used to do as kids that would be quite llame these days

Paper chains, paper lanterns, and we only ever got one special thing and everything else was clothing 


World has changed a lot, you all stay safe and healthy into 2021



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Yup cheers Guys! Stay safe! 

On 12/25/2020 at 4:29 PM, Bullheaded said:

Here's how I'm spending mine.....plowing up in the mine. Trying to find all the roads and vent raises and stuff that I have no idea where they are, LOL


Hey Bull ! You appear to be drivin Volvo Trash !

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Roudy that was quite a rundown I would’ve also grab the harmonica I have always wanted one glad you had a good time thanks for sharing... my pop grew up in the depression wouldn’t dare throw out any food ... I wound up the same way no food gets thrown away in this house,,, bob

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Wow, glad to to hear you are all good now. That's exactly how I think about this virus. I think if you are healthy and have a good immune system it is no big deal. It's those that have problems or a bad immune system that have to really worry.

Crappy way to spend your holiday though. That's gotta suck having no sense of taste or smell.


Kids look like they are having fun. That's awesome...get them started young. They will go places!


So refreshing to see kids doing like most of us older guys did.....having fun doing something that will better them.

Not sitting around playing video games.

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I guess you all are lucky things have worked out ok for the family 

I still dont know anyone that has had the virus here in Australia so I have no opinion about how severe it is 

The thought about ones immune system makes sense to me

I haven't watched the news on TV since 2007 so I am really dum and only get what filters thru to me from social media and family and friends 

Stay safe over there in Yanky land and the rest of the world 



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