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Cool looking truck!

Worth to point out I started looking for RH steering wheel in the pic when saw it at the first time being in doubt on the correct truck location written :)

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OK, Dumb Question Time.. What does the "Freedom Series" Badge Signify??

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Seed, Not a dumb question.. Actually interesting.. Beyond the Statue of Liberty decal IDK>> Will let the experts answer your question.. Was there also a special power train package???


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It belongs to Mike and Kelly Osborne, Osborne Trucking, near Riverton, Wyoming.

Their business and trucks have been featured in Wheels of Time magazine twice.

The truck is V8 powered. I think the bulldozer is a 36A D8. Mike uses that for  snow plowing in his driveway and removing cattle guards.

The Freedom Series trucks have been discussed in many threads on this forum. Do a search. It was a special edition (<200 produced) of MH and RW Mack trucks in 1986/ 1987 with a 3 year 300,000 mile warranty that offered "complete Freedom" from repair cost. All trucks left Allentown with the Phantom grey paint with red trim and the statue of liberty graphics.

"War Dog" is much more of an expert on things Osborne than I am.

This is the decal on the hood:



mike osbourne decal.jpg

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