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Ford C Model Block Truck

j hancock

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I drove that same year truck because I remember the dual headlights which didn't last long.  It was a C600 with the smallest V8 and electric 2 speed axle.

I hauled many acres of soy beans in that truck for a local farmer as a kid.  

The farmer always stressed to check the oil in every truck you drive.  A small trap door on the doghouse revealed the dipstick and water filler neck.  Good times!

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"If it's all the sime to you... I'll droyve that tankah"   Max Rockatansky (The Road Warrior)

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Local fellow in my truck club has similar coe.  He owned a sod business and used it for decades.  Still looks like new, though he and the truck are retired and only taken to shows now.



1959 B61 Liv'n Large......................

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23 minutes ago, steve s. said:

I like the International with the backhoe . That must have been a fairly popular idea in the fifties, I have a similar setup on a Dodge chassis.

Well from my "youth" I  remember it was dig it by hand or in my area Shield Bantam back hoes mounted on army surplus 6 x 6's were popular.  Then you started seeing Ford 8ns with I believe Sherman back hoes.  Had an uncle who was a plumber and he had a Deere (green one) with a backhoe- no clue what brand the hoe was.

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