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2019 lr600 trash unit won't regen

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hey new to the forum here! We've been having issues with a lot of our aftertreatment on most the equipment. We have a specific 2019 lr600 mp7 truck. That is having issues running a complete regen. Codes that come up are ----p249f00 excessive time to enter closed loop regen control

P24a000 closed loop regeneration control at limit- temp too low 

Soot level in cluster stays at 129%  0% ash 

Recently updated the ecm and acm and was good for about a week now back stuck at 129% Park regen message displays but no changes after a burn 

Any thoughts?


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All Temps were okay changed the 7th injector and pav valve behind the filter housing took a regen finally. Its sister truck in our fleet asked for a parked regen went fine started truck back up later that evening and boom soot at 129% 0% ash this has got to be software related same numbers same issues multiple trucks with all less than 40k miles. We've had maybe 3 of these trucks do this at this point and our dealers out here are about the slowest turn around time and they always seem to come back with engine lights on. When thats what they were sent there in the first place for 

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