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1989 Mid-liner MS200 compressor

DN DeCelle

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I have a 1989 Mid-liner MS200. The coupling in front of the Knorr-Dahl air compressor has become very noisy until the unloader valve opens. This is my first truck with air brakes and I’m not familiar with what this coupling is called. I’d like to replace it and am hoping someone can tell me what it’s called, and maybe a part number. 
I got the truck last year. All of the brake valves were leaking. I’ve replaced the unloader valve and the foot valve. I’m having trouble finding the parking brake valve and want to replace the noisy compressor drive shaft coupling. Other than the worn out brake valves, the truck is completely solid. Former Penske truck. 125,000 well maintained miles. Not a single leak or wet spot on the 5.5L engine. I believe the truck was parked when the unloader valve gave up and they started looking for parts. I have no intention of ever stepping foot in a Mack dealership. So far, I’ve crossed numbers and found parts on the internet for very reasonable prices. Thanks for any help. I look forward to learning a lot here. Of course, the pictures turned sideways. 




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3 hours ago, DN DeCelle said:

I didn’t call a Mack dealer and won’t be. I am hoping this forum can help me. I’ve never had a good experience at any dealership. Hoping someone might have the parts manual. 

Have checked e-bay for a manual?    terry:MackLogo:

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Awesome. The seller on eBay that has the catalog for sale offered it to me for $299.99 today. Is it me, or is that a bit excessive for a parts catalog? So far, the numbers that Panelizer provided haven’t produced much. I know these parts aren’t  exactly on the shelves at Autozone, but I was hoping to shake something loose. Patience. I’ve got time. I’ve emailed a couple places in Europe. I’m a “glass half full” kind of guy, so I’ll fill my glass eventually. Thanks again for the help. 

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When you get one, I'd get a few 3d printed to keep or sell.


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